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To Where and Back Again · 12:53pm Oct 7th, 2016

Go us, boo everyone else.

So yeah... the finale has arrived, a bit earlier than expected but it's here nonetheless.

And to be quite honest, I really don't know how I feel about it.

It's wasn't bad, not by a long shot, in fact Part 1 was probably one of my favourite episodes of the series if only for the interactions between Starlight and Trixie. But then we get to Part 2 with the whole squad dynamic and that's the part I feel unsure about. I enjoyed the fact that these characters were receiving some well deserved focus, I mean let's be honest did anyone ever really think Trixie and a changeling of all things would play a major role in a season finale? Being a fan of both characters, it like a dream come true.

It was the execution I feel, it could've been a little bit better. They cram so much into forty minutes that the resolution and the ending, for lack of a better term, feels rushed. Once Starlight confronts Chrysalis it all starts to unravel somewhat; the focus isn't on the squad, every character but Starlight and Thorax is pointless, and on a whole it just finished far too quickly.

That doesn't make it bad, just that I think it could have been better.

I was really looking forward to the idea that all these misfit secondary characters would be working together to save Equestria, and they did that, I just wish they did it more. Have the focus be on their building friendships and insecurities but instead it shifts solely to Starlight's dilemmas with being a leader. Once again, not a bad thing. I just would have preferred something else. Take the first episode in the series for example; Twilight is undoubtedly the main character, but they fit in five others who are in the end relevant to the whole story. Here however, Starlight upstages everyone and Thorax, Trixie and Discord just sort of fade out of the plot after awhile.

So yeah, with more time I think this could've been my favourite episode ever. It focused on my personal favourite side characters, the story as a whole was very well done, I just feel like it could've had a bigger impact if the focus was more broader than simply focusing on Starlight.

That being said, I'm glad that Twilight wasn't 'The One' for once.

Just to add, if you're a fan of my story: The Undesirables, you've probably noticed that it's currently on hiatus. This was done for two reasons. I'm currently very busy, and I was waiting for the finale to air to see where the series was going. Now that it's out and I've seen it, I've come to a decision, I'm going to retroactively add in the events of the finale to this story, mainly because Starlight's character arc for it was essentially done in the finale! And I think its important in order for the story to not be outdated to quickly.

So yeah, expect updates eventually... sometime.

Comments ( 5 )

Trixie is Vash. I never thought of Trixie as Vash but Trixie and Discord go together as well as Vash and Discord and thinking of Trixie that way is kind of neat.

I don't know what to say about the new changeling models. They sort of lack something but I can't put my finger on what it is.

The finale gives me a lot to think about.

I liked everything but the new changeling models. Yeah, it was a bit rushed, but overall I really enjoyed it; especially the fact that Chrysalis didn't reform. It's great to have that one villain who isn't converted or completely taken out of commission like Sombra and Tirek.

Haven't watched it yet, along with the rest of this current season... or even the new EQ movie. I've seen screencaps of the new changelings though, and yuck.:pinkiesick: Fanfics and art aside, I think I might be losing interest in MLP, which kinda makes me sad.

4244642 Well, to be fair, Garble and the Flim-Flam Brothers didn't reform either. (looks at everyone) Don't laugh, Garble actually DOES have the muscle to be a serious threat if he had a few more brain cells and/or a strong enough villain leader giving him orders. And the Flim-Flams definitely have the tech skills to pull off some impressive villainy if they did a better job applying themselves.

Psicopat almost Serial killer Twilight, i liked :yay: ....Double Diamond! You still have your britsh accent! Cool! :pinkiehappy: ..... Never Thurst Somepony who keep smiling and make derpy face when laughts, hes retarded or just evil, Yes Party favor im onto you....Ho, ho knew, Trixie saved the day :pinkiegasp: ... NO Trixie, you ARE responsable for your mistakes! ANSWER TO THEM! :flutterrage:......I smell Changeling :pinkiecrazy: .....My my Godess they took even Twilight! RUN Startlight! RUN! :raritycry: ...FINALY! THIS EPISODE SERVES TO PROVE THAT LUNA IS MORE USEFULL THAN CELESTIA! ALL HAIL MOND!! \o/ .... DISCORD? HELPING? Oo.....WHAT?....And then Discord screw up :twilightoops:....HOWN! That is a new low even for a changelings.....OMG!!! THE ENDING Was so AWESOME! A Whole Race Reformed! the poor side is that the their Queen wont :raritydespair:...Celestia: SOOOOOOOOPONY talked about Cake? :trollestia:

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