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I'm ded lol. Fuck you, bronies.

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God bless you, Data Miners... God bless you... · 8:36pm Oct 6th, 2016

Some data miners did some research and confirmed these amazing details. Basically, Sun and Moon will be nearly twice as big as X and Y, making me think there's either a HUGE after-game or we finally get the Battle Frontier back!

Game File Sizes

X and Y = 1.7GB
ORAS = 1.8GB
ORAS Demo = 250MB
Sun and Moon = 3.2 GB
SM Demo = 400MB

Oh, and just to put it into perspective, X&Y and ORAS equal to 3.5 gigabytes. Sun and Moon uncombined is 3.2 gigabytes. November honestly can't get here any slower.

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Comments ( 19 )

Awesome! I'm totally glad nothing else is coming out in November to stop me from buying this! Certainly not a big name JRPG that Squares been holding over our heads since 2006! Nope, certainly glad Pokemon Sun and Moon are the only major RPGS that month! :pinkiecrazy:

As nice as it is, this sorta sucks for me... I'll have to buy another SD card for the storage

A true test of which fandom you are more loyal to. I cannot help you in this decision, but I wish you the best of luck in your quest.

*whispers in your ear*
Get a physical copy, brah...

Comment posted by SuperKamek deleted Oct 6th, 2016

True, and Christmas is right around the corner...on the one hand, Sun and Moon looks absoultely a friggin mazing...On the other hand, Tataba and the entire team over at Square have been pouring there damn hearts and souls into this one. It looks somewhat unpolished, but they really are trying....

Eh, I've always been more of a Pokemon fan anyway tbh.:applejackunsure:

Maybe these'll be the first games since GSC that has a whole other region to explore after you beat the game.

Then I will challenge you to the fight of you life, bro.

Hey, I said I perfer Pokemon! I'm going Sun and Moon man! :raritydespair:

GameFreak already confirmed that you won't be exploring a new region this time around. However, there have been recent leaks of supposed "Island Districts" that you can access post-game. There are a total of four island districts, totaling Alola's island count to eight (the exact number of main islands Hawaii has).

If anything, I think these Island Districts will be like an expanded version of the Sevii Islands.

4243213 Close enough for me. Though it would be nice to have the battle frontier back. It was fun challenging the Battle Arcade with a friend at your side.

Nonono, you misunderstand, bro! :rainbowlaugh:
I meant POKEMON battle! Do you actually think I'd fight you for choosing Pokemon Sun and Moon over Final Fantasy XV?

I was more of a Battle Castle kind of guy.
Mainly because I had no friends.

4243266 I liked the arcade because i could control where it stopped most of the time. And don't feel bad, the only "friends" I had to play with were my cousins.:twilightsheepish:

I can't wait!:pinkiehappy:

Yeah, well, at least you actually had cousins that WEREN'T 30+ years old and had no interest in Pokemon!

4243759 Oh, sorry man.:fluttershyouch: Well, look at the bright side. You got all of us, now.:twilightsmile:

...*falls to knees and praises the sun*

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