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Cutie mark crusaders: taking time away from the mane six before starlight and the young six made it cool

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AJ and Rarity Rant · 4:29pm Oct 6th, 2016

now, I am writing you today to talk about what I think i need to address.


Rartiy and AJ will NEVER be "close friends" I mean the two have drastically different ideals and ways of doing things, Twilight can say what she wants but you CANNOT be friends with someone you literally have noting in common with, how did you become friends in the first place.

Yeah yeah, i know friendship is magic, elements if harmony, blah blah blah, but they are only friends because of the elements of harmony, but let's be honest, if it weren't for that, they'd mostly just stay out of each other's way.

in fact them being together is probably making their relationship worse, between rainbow rocks, simple ways, and, hell, even Legend of everfree. their relationship is basically a bad episode of the odd couple.

all in all they are barley friends so why do people like to ship those two, they have nothing in common at all, those writers probably like the allure of "opposites attract." but that philosophy can create some awful relationships once the thrill wears off, just watch "sam and cat" in you need more proof.

I'm not gonna force AJ and Rarity to be friends in my fics IMHO they are better off staying out of each others way when the world isn't oin need of saving, and even then...

basically Rarijack can go die in hell

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