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Open Discussion Blog Post / Future Plans Up to You! · 11:25pm Oct 4th, 2016

I've noticed a significant amount of feedback against my decisions, and for that, I am truly sorry. :fluttercry:

I'm beginning to notice that my decisions are much like Hasbro right now. As a fan of FIM, I can definitely relate to how much I dislike many things going on, I do NOT want to be a part of that.

I want to make my future story decisions based on your feedback and what you, the readers, want to read. Having said this, I will scratch all my future plans and begin writing from your wishes and desires. If you take the time out of your day to read my work, it's only fair that I give you something you actually wish to read.

So, again, I ask of you your thoughts. PLEASE PLEASE pretty PLEASE with a cherry on top :pinkiesad2: tell me what you wish to see. I promise I will not make any singular decisions without consulting you, my dearest reader.

There are certain pairings I have in mind for the future, but Twilight and Pinkie and, to a certain degree, Sunset are very up in the air in this fandom, so as a fandom, it's time to come to a unanimous decision.

Oh, and the last chapter of OctaScratch is getting close to being finished.

Comments ( 26 )

It's nice to see someone realizing that the studio is making more and more bad decisions so openly. It's even better to see that you're taking responsibility and asking for feedback. That is the surest way to grown and get better as a writer.

I don't normally weigh on on ships, but sence you asked. I personally am a Twishy fan (I find the soicaly awkward and the crippling shyness to be adorable.) sence thats not on the table Id go with Twilight and Sunset.

But honest to goodness, do what you want.:pinkiesmile:

Just an idea, don't know if this was looked into, has Octavia told her family she's dating Vinyl? Wait, is she dating Vinyl? I thought she was, but I could be wrong.

I think I speak for all of us when I say we want you to write a homoerotic Snips & Snails clopfic.


I want you to write the story you want to write. Of what has been published, I cannot recall anything I thought was a bad choice on your part.

Hey, man, your never going to please everyone. You write timber sparks, sunlight fans will hate you, but together applejack and Rairty, your sure to piss off apple dash fans.
It's still a good idea listening to the majority (wouldn't want to put flashXdash into a Fic) but you do have to do to make YOU happy as well

4240299 You're not wrong there Ruby, it is a very cute ship. :heart:

4240574 Yes, yes it is. And is sucks that most of them are one shots.

Let me let you in on something: people generally don't actually know what they want. They know what they don't want, but they don't know what they want.

I say keep doing what you've been doing. Come up with your own ideas, but run them by the fans, scope out the reactions. Having people tell you what to write will just kill your creativity, but if you keep sharing your idea's before implementing them, you're sure not to disappoint anyone long term.

Just a thought.

Just do as you please.

I think you're stories are amazing. I've never been into octascratch ship (really never read any fics about them either) but YOU sold me on it. Getting someone interested in characters AND their relatioships is a great feat for a writer.

The only thing I wanna ask about is what happened to updates on Never Be Alone? :pinkiesad2: I loved that story and Scoots is best pony. :scootangel:

While I would love to see a TwiPie story as it is my ship, you really need to just follow your inspiration and your desires. We're not customers: you're gifting us with your stories. We'll be grateful for whatever you give us as long as it's good!

So, again, I ask of you your thoughts. PLEASE PLEASE pretty PLEASE with a cherry on top :pinkiesad2: tell me what you wish to see.

What do your fans want to see? Why, we want to see what you wish to create, that's what makes us fans.

On a more serious note, I am going to be absolutely blunt. The reason people like your stories is because of its creativity, life, and ability to express emotions. You do that very, very well. Asking what your fans want you to write will suck that away, because you're no longer creating to create, your creating to please.

So, I must request that you keep writing what you want to write, and what drives you. You'll put out your best work that way without hanging onto other people's opinions.

At least, that's what I think.

Now this is getting out of hand, and I'm sorry if I contributed to that in any way. I think the reason I was upset about not making the TwiPie story was because it was built up ever since 'Never Grow Apart', and me being autistic means I really don't like someone changing their minds about something I've been excited about at the last minute.

So while the decision is ultimately yours, I still would like to see the TwiPie story you said you'd write, but that's just what I want, it's not like I'm giving you an order or something.

4240699 I'm finishing that story up and the next chapter should be out within the next week or so.

I'd recommend not taking comments that are essentially complaints about pairing choices to heart. It is always going to be best to write what you want as that is the best way for it to come out as naturally as possible. If you want critiques of your work that's fine, and if you feel generous enough to take a request awesome, but I wouldn't throw away plans over a few harsh reactions. Regardless I am looking forward to octascratch.

Excited for more of my favorite story from my favorite fic author! :pinkiehappy: (that's your OctaScratch and you, respectively :ajsmug:)

As for the future stories, I definitely think you should stick to writing what you want to write. On one hand, I'd love to see a TwiPie from you, if only because like some have pointed out it's been building up over your fics, and having that build up come to a conclusion would be very satisfying. However! You have to write what you want to write. What makes your writing good isn't so much the ships you include as it is the way you write them and how much you care about writing them. Anything you write about because you want to write about it is going to be better than anything you write because someone else wants you to. So write what you want to!

Also like I always have to add, I'm always for more FlutterDash, especially from you! I love your characterizations of them and their interactions between them so much! <3

Hey, I believe I'll be the... 22 comment before me... so the twenty-second to say the same thing. Maybe ? I don't know. I'm too lazy to read them all.
But, I follow you because I like your stories. If you wish to ship the entire cast of 'equestria girl', I think you should do it the way you want and mostly everyone will read it. The minority complaining about your choices are not worth doing something you do not wish to.

Also, you made me curious now. Who do you wish to pair pinkie with ? How will you handle one of the mean 6 being straight ? Will Scoot's story have an ending one day ?

Well, good luck for what follow (French idiom, not really right but I don't know any equivalent)

Listening to your audience and choosing something from their ideas that feels right to you is the best way to go about this period of your growth as a writer. While you are writing a story you want to write, the end result is not actually for the author alone or there'd never be a point in sharing it. It's for the audience. To that end, I suggest not listening to the people who give lazy answers such as 'do whatever you want and ignore everyone else', because those writers who ignore their current and potential audience never seem to grow, or they start bombing and wondering where everyone went. Unless they're lucky and what they like is what everyone else wanted to begin with.

You are providing entertainment. It does have to at least be enjoyable for you! But it's also meant for others to be entertained by. You can't please them all, but you should at least try to (there will always be conflicting views, again - choose which feels right to you out of them and roll with it). Striving for a nearly impossible/impossible goal means you reach as far as you can and your skills prosper for it. Your ability to read your audience will grow, and your ability to refine your stories will also. Keep that one big goal always on the horizon, make smaller goals like steps to reach it.

I will say that you should not overly stress about those who are never satisfied. The ones who find no enjoyment in your work whatsoever will leave and no longer be part of the audience. As long as you try to keep your audience interested and entertained, that number leaving the audience should hopefully be small. Play to the desires and interests of those who remain, to keep their butts in the seats. Your audience should always be more than the die-hards who will read anything and everything you write, because they're already for you - try to appeal to a larger crowd, to entertain more people. The more this happens, the larger that die-hard following will grow, too.

Hopefully this is a more useful answer to the question "What do I do" than "I dunno, do whatever you want" - which I have never seen actually be useful to someone in thirty years. People should have the courtesy to answer a question posed to them properly rather than put it right back on you.


Hnng, Glittershell. My heart.

Aurora Dimmet has already made a rather long post about this topic, and like a fellow readerer, I can't/don't want to go through all of the other comments to see what people are saying, but I feel like I should add some input as well. It's going to be a little different than Aurora's, but that's because of why I write.

Yes, keeping your audience happy is important. There wouldn't be much of a reason to write if no one was going to read the story. However, you have to realize that there will almost always be someone willing to read whatever type of thing a person writes. Almost. Some like sad stories, some like happy stories, some like high adventure. Combinations are the bets way to find more audiences that will read the story. But you are shipping ponies. And with a fandom this large, still going and with an ever growing show base and movie base, there is always going to be someone who wants one thing and someone else who wants another. Trying to go fully or almost fully the audience route for writing reasons and inspiration means there is going to be a lot of conflicting desires and almost extremely angry responses if it doesn't go 'exactly how they wanted it to'.

This is where the next step has to come in. What YOU want to write. If YOU can't get a good grasp or find that same kind of flow with what the audience wants, you're going to have to find a new audience. Something that is forced will feel forced when you read it. It won't feel like a natural occurrence, something like we could view by peering into the world you've created. That's why if it doesn't make sense to you or doesn't feel 'right' you may have to make some kind of change, you'll either to make the connection with the idea or research to help understand, or drop the idea and do something else.

So yes, while you need to keep the audience in mind, if you aren't confident in what you are writing, it will show and reflect that. If you want to write Timberlight, go for it. If you want to write Twilight with, I don't know, heck Steven Universe even, try it out. I don't know how many fans there are for the show in this fandom, but you won't ever know until you try. And if you don't enjoy writing the topic, it's going to show. If everyone kept to what the 'audience' wanted, we wouldn't have so many of the smaller, less known pairings or background ponies been written about or shared.

Go for what makes the most sense to you and what you want to write about. Yes, some fans may be upset if you decide to change the pairings, but there are fans who like the new pairings and who will find your story. You could always write a side, one-shot or something along those lines of the pairing that you didn't go with if you want to try to please them all. I don't really know that many authors who write their stories and do blogs asking for opinions about pairing changes they decided. Yes, there are some who do, but a lot of times, the authors just go with what they want to write and give it their best, wanting to present the audience something to enjoy. Admittedly, they hint and lead the audience into the whatever they are writing (so the stuff leading up to the story about whichever pairing would have to change). Or you could show that Twilight wasn't interested in one thing or another. Triangle of romance adds for nice conflict.

Sorry for the long post, I tend to keep going when talking. Good luck with whatever you decide and hope it all works out one way or another.

I need my octascratch!! Yay I can't wait

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