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WELP... You're probably not gonna like this... Heh... But I hope you do. · 5:00am Oct 4th, 2016

After watching the last EG movie, I have to say that I didn't completely hate it! In fact, I rather liked the whole SciTwi and Timber thing (I think that's his name). It was cute, it was adorable, and I was really HAPPY to see a hint of Sunset getting back with Flash. :rainbowderp:


I'm feeling really comfortable going canon with this in the future with my stories. This means that there will not be a TwiPie story in the future. :pinkiegasp:


I do have a plan for Pinkie! My plan for her is SUPER TOP SECRET, but I PINKIE PROMISE it will not disappoint. :scootangel:

These future plans are very solid, so I will definitely stop bouncing back in forth with what I'm doing. If you have ANY concerns or comments, I would love to hear them. Just know that I will continue to strive to bring you my wonderful world of love and romance. Key word here being 'my', but I do my honest best to provide the best reading experience. :yay:

Comments ( 11 )

but I love TwiPinkie don't get rid of it :fluttershysad:

Thanks for dashing that hope. There's a lack of decent TwiPie in recent memory as is. *Sigh*

Well, I suppose the upside is OctaScratch is still there, but I'm sad to say I won't really care about much else pairing-wise.


Sci-Twi. Not Equestrian Twilight.

I got a feeling I know what the Pinkie idea is...but I'm not entirely sure, so I won't say it. As for the rest...:duck:...meh, the one thing that made me doubt if I liked that movie or not was Timber, since I actually liked him less than Flash. Sure, he has a lot more personality, but he's a lot harder to ignore if you don't like shipping him and Twilight.

Still, I've been waiting for a TwiPie Equestria Girls story for ages, and I've been really looking forward to one written by you. Aww...well, I'll still read whatever comes next, but come on! :ajbemused:

Yeah I was actually surprised by how okay I was with Timber. They had good chemistry. I can't wait to see where you'll be going with Pinkie then :) She deserves happiness too!!

Well, I guess the sequel to that RariJack story will be completely different then. I'm curious as to what you have in store for Pinkie.

Also, if I end up jumping on the SciTwi/Timber wagon when I finally see the movie, I still intend to keep my Equestrian FlashLight pairing.

i saw the 'in 15 minutes or less' video of the everfree film. so i only saw like, 2 seconds of timper. so i have no official view one way or another. but- it's not princess twi that fell for him , so i probably don't mind. also, ever free makes me wonder, how many will have magic of their own now? sure the mane 6 humans have it as their connection to the elements originally, buuut.... magic itself is seeing into the world on a semi- regular basic. permeating it. one can only imagine the extend the affects will be.

You're right, I don't like it. I don't like Flash at all, and some random new 'I'm here for someone to romance' character who I doubt was developed appropriately (like Flash) isn't going to make a character lineup or story appealing to me. I'm going to go through with the Vinyltavia story, though, been enjoying that.

Oh, alright, I mean its cool and all, do what you want.:pinkiesmile:

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