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Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree Review *Major Spoiler Warning*. · 4:36am Oct 4th, 2016

Before I get started, know that I have watched this movie three times prior to writing this review. :scootangel: Also, if you've not watched the movie for yourself, be aware that this contains major spoilers. You've been warned.

Has it really been a year since the last Equestria Girls movie? :rainbowderp: Time sure does fly when you least expect it because now the fourth installment of this series has finally become available, and unlike the previous three movies, this one debuted on Netflix (although it did premiere on a Brazilian television network a week prior). Now, it should come as no surprise that I am a huge lover of the Equestria Girls movies mainly due to two reasons: One being Sunset Shimmer, and the other being that the first movie was how I entered the fandom.

After watching Friendship Games every single day since it came out--yes I did do that to the point of memorizing the songs and dialogue--Legend of Everfree has now become my go-to movie, but how good is it really compared to the previous installments.

The movie begins with Twilight Sparkle--I'll be referring to her as Sci-Twi on occasion--suffering a nightmare. It seems Midnight Sparkle has been plaguing her subconscious ever since the conclusion to the Friendship Games, and plans on eventually taking over to claim all of the magic. Right off the bat, I liked how this approach was handled. Sunset was plagued by what she became in the first movie, but it never manifested itself as a guilty mark on her subconscious. For Twilight, having her demonic form torment her sets up what her role is going to be in the movie, and how she has to cope with knowing that she could change when she least expects it.

Another thing I liked was how we finally get to see feet. This is something that has never happened in these movies before until now, so kudos to the animators for showing this even if it was during the first two minutes and the only time it actually happens. After waking up from her nightmare and learning she was on a bus with the rest of CHS, we see that Twilight is getting adjusted to being in a new school although there is still some tension on her part. It's never easy attending a new school because everything you experienced in the old one doesn't always transfer over very well.

The title sequence... I'm going to come out and say it right now. I enjoyed the song for what it was, but the sequence itself is without a doubt the weakest one of all four movies. :facehoof: Why not use any special effects, character poses, and the like? Why only feature the bus ride to Camp Everfree? Truly a missed opportunity and one that has me question what the writers were thinking when they came up with this part. :facehoof:

Once the bus arrives at Camp Everfree... Okay, I need to say this too. The Equestria Girls movies have been criticized with using the high-school setting trope, and I will admit that it has been done to death in so many other programs. The writers must have been paying attention because Legend of Everfree takes place away from the high-school setting by giving us a summer camp setting instead. It may not be much but it's better than nothing. Not only that but everyone has gotten a new outfit and not just Sunset. Again, this is a huge step-up from the previous movies even if their outfits are still colour coded. :rainbowhuh:

Anyway, we're introduced to Gloriosa Daisy, the camp's director, and her brother, Timber Spruce. Both characters are listed during the opening sequence and if you know what the trend is by now, you can immediately tell that one of them will end up becoming the main villain that needs to be defeated. Timber Spruce for the most part is a pretty cool character despite his obvious attempts at trying to sound funny with his choice of words.

However, what will define him is the romance between him and Twilight. Unlike Flash Sentry--more on him later--Timber starts off with a conversation that develops into a full-blown crush that many will certainly despise. His flirtation can become annoying considering he keeps doing it every time he and Twilight appear in the same scene together, and he can become one-dimensional because of it.

However, he does show concern for his sister despite the tension between them. He does come across as a bit of a jerk because of how he wanted to sell the camp, but it wasn't really his fault as he wanted a childhood that involved living in a city and being with other kids his age. Timber missed out on something he can never experience again so he comes across as being someone who got denied through unfortunate circumstances. Do I support the flirtation he had with Twilight? It wasn't anything serious and it did provide some adorkable moments, but it did come up all of a sudden. I attribute that to the seventy-two minute time limit.

Yet there was build-up that lasted throughout the movie, and both he and Twilight did have things in common that allowed them to hit it off straight away. A shame their kiss got interrupted by Gloriosa although I can hear some bronies sighing with relief. :moustache:

After everyone gets assigned their tents and the first of many instances of Timber flirting on Twilight, we get introduced to the human version of Filthy Rich. Whenever a new Equestria Girls movie is released, I look forward to seeing which characters from the show will wind up getting a human counterpart--I'm sure others look forward to seeing this as well. Most of the time, the human counterpart mirrors their Equestrian version, but there are exceptions, like Filthy Rich.

He comes off as a stereotypical businessman who cares more about money than anything else, and is a far cry from the pony Filthy Rich who is kind to others. However, this version does display some small compassion so he isn't a total villain per say.

Unfortunately, Filthy Rich only appears in a few scenes, but he is the catalyst that brings about the main villain of the movie (more on that later). Would I say he wasn't necessary to the movie? Perhaps but without him, the villain's motivations would've been more eschew and harder to believe. I think he needed at least one more scene to give viewers a reason for not wanting to like him. :ajbemused:

As everyone gets settled in and unpack their belongings, we get the first of many scenes between Sunset and Twilight. They didn't get to interact all that much in the previous movie for obvious reasons, so it was nice to see them spend so much time together. I feel that Sunset has become the teacher because she is constantly looking out for Twilight, the student who shows hesitation towards using her magic.

It reinforces the role reversal from Friendship Games--quick nod to all the references to Equestria Girls, Rainbow Rocks, and Friendship Games during the early stages of Legend of Everfree--where Sunset, who was once the student, has reached a point where she understands friendship and can now share that wisdom with others so that they don't wind up making the same mistakes she made. She still has some insecurity issues regarding her past, but is much more open about them.

And then we come to the new magic... I know this will also be a conflict of interest, so let me share my thoughts. Some of the new powers were predictable because it was obvious when related to the character, yet others were so far out of left field, you weren't expecting it. Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity's magic was predictable just before it got revealed--Rarity's was a reference to her Radiance persona from Power Ponies--yet Pinkie and Twilight's magic was a bit more difficult to predict.

Sunset's new magic is perhaps the most confusing, yet also harkens back to who she used to be. Being able to see into people's memories is an obvious plot convenience trope, but it also reflects on how she used to treat others when it came to manipulating them and using deceitful methods to ruin their friendships. Her new magic can allow her to help those in need.

Later on, we discovered that the campers wish to build a new dock as their camp gift, a subplot that doesn't quite go far enough I feel, but has a lot of funny moments especially when it gets destroyed several times much to the annoyance of the humane seven. :facehoof: It's at this point where I want to talk about Flash Sentry, and I'm expecting some criticism coming my way. I understand why a lot of people don't like him and I respect their opinion, but I happen to appreciate his presence. In the past movies, he was pretty one-dimensional and was created to be a love interest, yet Legend of Everfree depicts him in a different manner that gave him character development.

Through his interaction with Sunset, he finally learns the hard way that he can never truly be with the Twilight he likes. I assumed he would throw a tantrum or even deny Sunset's words, yet he was mature and accepted without complaints. Instead, it looks like Flash might see Sunset in a different light given their last conversation. Is it possible that he may have started to fall in love with her again? Hard to say really and I'll leave it at that in case anyone takes it the wrong way.

Back to the plot, we discover that strange things have been happening at Camp Everfree, and the supposed source is a creature called Gaia Everfree. I like how Rainbow Dash instinctively thinks she was a creature from Equestria while the others doubt her at first but slowly come to accept it as a possibility. This is where the movie kind of falls into a Scooby Doo scenario although fortunately it didn't become a major issue. As things progress, the girls embrace their new magic although Twilight still remains hesitant.

Of course, what would new magic be like without some hilarious scenes to accompany it. Applejack and Rarity learning their magic was amusing, and as always Pinkie provides the humour what with exploding confectionary. There is one moment where Sunset sees Pinkie's memories, and is definitely one of the most "what the f---" moments in MLP history. Psychedelic has got nothing on Pinkie and like Sunset says, "This explains so much". :derpytongue2:

It's here that I wish to comment on Twilight's song and Sunset's song. I liked the ballad that Sci-Twi sang although it was quite short, a lot shorter than most songs, but powerful because it reminds us of her struggle to prevent Midnight Sparkle from taking over--a theme that's consistent throughout the movie. Has it been done before? Of course, yet I feel it will be more memorable than her previous song.

Sunset, who finally gets a solo song for the first time--during a movie as "My Past is Not Today" is an animated short--was beautiful what with the lyrics and the special effects that swirl about her. :pinkiehappy: I know her voice sounded deep but that's because Rebecca Shoichet--whose singing throughout was perhaps her best work yet--needed to make Sunset sound different from Twilight. The song shows how far Sunset has come since her reformation and that her future is looking very bright. It will take me a while to fully memorize this one, but I will succeed.

Eventually, Sunset suspects that Timber is behind the happenings because of his desire to sell the camp after convincing Twilight not to run away from her problems, and I don't really like that approach, Sci-Twi running away that is. I know it's the easy way out but it's also a standard trope that really sells her short.

Anyway, this is where the plot twist occurs when it's revealed that Gloriosa is behind everything. Surprised? Well, nothing hinted at her involvement until Sunset uses her new magic to find out what happened--plot convenience at its best. It seems she was behind payment and Filthy Rich intended on shutting down the camp. After pleading with him, Gloriosa was given more time though she doesn't know what to do. A chance encounter in a cave gives her magic she uses to ensure everyone has the best experience possible at Camp Everfree...

Yeah, I think it's pretty obvious what significance those geodes are for. :ajbemused: I mean, the colours alone are a dead giveaway. As a character, Glorisoa is certainly interesting. She is someone who starts out with noble intentions and a strong backstory to accompany it, yet she lost her way when she allowed magic to consume her. Her chipper attitude can be off-putting sometimes but she only means to help out anyway she can even when she gets bogged down by so much work.

Before the unveil, Gloriosa is a character with a lot of character development who is key to many major scenes. The tension between her and Timber is typical when it comes to siblings, yet she puts on a brave face knowing what's at stake. When she is revealed to be the villain behind everything, she essentially becomes another iteration of both Sunset and Sci-Twi. Gloriosa gets more power by taking the rest of the geodes after using the first five, and transforms into a human version of Gaia Everfree--I believe this form has been dubbed Gloriosa Everfree--and she carries out her plan to protect the camp.

While it appears that she has become pure evil, again she had her good intentions. She had no desire to inflict malice on anyone and Filthy Rich did contribute to her eventual breakdown. Gloriosa wishes to protect everyone and what is essentially her home and way of life from those who would take it away, namely the wealthy. I can respect her for wanting to protect her livelihood, yet she went about it the wrong way, and became corrupted as a result

Her song--with Kelly Metzger singing, something no one expected--is pretty menacing and reaffirms that she only intends to protect her camp, but the magic consumes her until she is no longer who she is. The girls then pony up--their magic has evolved to the point where they can enact it on a whim--and proceed to not only try to save their friends but also destroy the vines covering up the camp courtesy of Gloriosa's magic.

Had she asked for help much sooner instead of relying on something she truly didn't understand, the movie wouldn't have gone the way it did, and we'd be talking about something else. At least she learned the error of her ways although again, her intentions were noble yet eschewed for wanting to delve with powers beyond her control.

Timber's moment where he wants his sister back was very heartwarming despite his pleas falling on deaf ears. Twilight, for her part, uses her magic of levitation--I left it until now because it becomes more apparent here despite showing up sooner--to get through Gloriosa's barrier. I was expecting some other kind of magic for her, but it makes sense since levitation requires a lot of mental concentration, and it goes hand-in-hand with Twilight's bookwork nature.

Thanks to her friends' support--seeing Sunset in this scene still leaves me with awe due to how far she's comes--Twilight overcomes Midnight Sparkle, embracing the Magic of Friendship, and it's here that people will really be debating things for some time.

Twilight gains wings when she pony's up. I believe it to be a reference to Midnight Sparkle having wings, yet others will wonder what did she do to deserve them. They'll also say that Sunset didn't get any wings despite her last form getting some--those were wings of light--and that she deserved them more. The geodes come into play where the humane seven get them and transform into their new forms.

It's pretty obvious that these forms are for selling toys--you should be used to this--and it does take more than one watch to either appreciate or completely despise them. I for one like them and they made me think of Sailor Moon because of how magical girl they look. Some would say it was along the lines of Power Rangers, but it's the former that was the overall intention. Will we see these forms again? I hope so because the possibilities are endless.

Gloriosa is defeated, but this time we actually have some time left to properly wrap things up thanks in part of the big battle coming a lot sooner than usual. To save the camp, the girls put on a crystal ball where they sing a song that reflects their time at Camp Everfree. Filthy Rich's desire is thwarted--he does take his defeat rather well--Gloriosa appreciate everything that the girls did, and Timber almost gets to kiss Twilight. I think it was a cute moment where both felt ready to try and do that.

The final scene goes back to Canterlot High and we learn that magic has been stemming forth from a crack on the base of the statue. No doubt this hints that a fifth movie is on the way, and what it truly means remains a mystery. My hope is for Sunset to finally go back to Equestria to reconcile with Celestia and perhaps show her friends what her true home is like. The final song that plays during the end credits was pretty catchy although the credits themselves could've been a bit better. The wood motif is fine but could be more.

And that is the end of Legend of Everfree, but not this review as I didn't cover the main cast apart from Sunset and Twilight--I'll leave them to last.

Rarity was pretty focused on having her fashion show to the point where she ignored everything else. While this was funny at times, other times it proved to be a slight detriment to her character, but at least she knew when to focus on saving everyone. One does have to wonder where she got the materials necessary to make those costumes. Also, she has some skill in making mannequins as evidenced with the Sunset and Twilight mannequins with their respective outfits on them.

Oh, and only Rarity would view a story about clashing designs as scary beyond reckoning. Applejack wanted to prove that she could rough it in the wilderness despite there being a lot of stuff already prepared for them. I can appreciate her wanting to be closer to nature, but she does tend to brag about it to the annoyance of Rainbow Dash.

I loved her interactions with Rarity especially when she had to correct her about the dock not being a runway. I'd say Applejack has become a lot less tense when it comes to things that annoy her, but she still loses her cool if she gets pushed a little too much. Fluttershy didn't seem to have much of an impact on the movie at first, but then she had certain moments that characterized why so much happens to her and her friends all because of magic.

She also remains the cute and innocent character who just can't seem to do no wrong, and her interactions with animals was adorable beyond reason. Again, her power may appear to be the weakest because it's an extension of herself and not some kind of change, but I think it can become truly epic under certain circumstances.

Pinkie Pie was... well... Pinkie Pie, and her usual reality defying moments were at full force. We finally learn why she is always in such a good mood much to Sunset's displeasure--I expect what we saw with Pinkie's memories will become nightmare fuel or become a meme--but it was definitely a "what the f---" moment. Only she would cause a cafeteria to explode with confetti because of her standard Pinkie Pie stuff as Sunset calls it, and her obsession with marshmallows is sure to become something else.

I'll admit that she didn't act appropriately when Gloriosa enacted her plan, but she quickly got down to business by using her magical explosions. The true final scene was also standard Pinkie Pie because we were expecting her to do what she did with those marshmallows.

With Rainbow Dash, she still has that ego trip of hers although it's greatly toned down from previous movies. I like how she has evolved from being someone who wanted to be the center of everything and mostly accepted wanting others to take the lead--she still has moments where she wants to be in the lead. Also, Rainbow likes to remind the audience of what she and the others do whenever something threatens them, their friends, or their school. Bragging rights?

No doubt but a nice little reminder all the same. A shame we never did get to see her beat someone at tetherball despite bringing it up. Sunset as I mentioned before, has come a long way since her early days, and this movie continues adding more development to her character.

We now know that she doesn't pull any punches due to it not being her style--she's brutally honest--yet does everything she can to help Twilight deal with her problems. She may or may not have accepted becoming a teacher to Twilight's student status regarding magic, but she comes across as acting like a big sister who can relate on a personal level. Oh, and her snarky attitude always brightens my day. At least she hasn't been relegated to the sidelines in favour of Sci-Twi as some feared.

Sunset got plenty of key scenes in this movie including one of the best songs I've ever heard. Twilight, for her part, is still the adorkable girl from Friendship Games, but with more on her mind as she struggles to deal with the aftermath of the Friendship Games. She should have been more open as that would've prevented some problems from happening, yet she would've been bland had she not chosen to isolate herself.

She did spend most of her time either with Sunset or Timber and while that's not necessarily bad, she didn't get to expand her horizons all that much for it. Perhaps Twilight needed to interact with the others a bit more aside from at the end, but this is a nitpick at best. I didn't forget about Spike although to be fair he didn't really get much action this time. Sure he was still as supportive as he always is, and has some funny moments here and there, but he really needed to do more other than sleep.

I did enjoy his interactions with Sunset, however. Would certain scenes have worked without Spike? I personally don't think so as his presence does give someone him to talk to for whatever reason, but maybe he needed something spectacular to justify him a bit more.

Celestia and Luna generally didn't get to do much with the former having less presence compared to Friendship Games, but when they were around they contributed in their own fashion as was expected of them. I liked the little banter they had regarding the sundial. It reminds me of how their Equestrian counterparts argued over a wedding gift in "Slice of Life". :pinkiehappy:

They may be sisters and authority figures, but even they can cut loose and act like their students instead of having to be adults all the time. Sadly, we didn't get to see any photos of them back during their time at camp. A missed opportunity but I suppose it wasn't needed.

Overall, I'm going to give this movie a 93% out of 100%. Of the four movies, this one had arguably the best character development and songs, but also went above and beyond with the special effects and animations. There were problems such as the poor opening sequence, predictability in some places, and lack of many new characters just to name a few, but honestly this is perhaps the best movie so far in my opinion. :pinkiehappy:

PS: How could I forget the true final scene. :twilightoops: In typical Pinkie Pie fashion, she accidentally uses her magic to blow up the dock--a running gag that never got old. Their reactions were priceless especially Rarity fainting. This one scene would make for an excellent blooper in the future.

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I'm definitely getting this when it comes out on DVD.

There are a few pet peeves I have with the movie, but it is still enjoyable.

I did hope there would be animated shorts for what happened outside of Camp Everfree (eg. What did the Crusaders do with their peers gone), though.


The lack of animated shorts was really disappointing as I was hoping for some to get us excited for the movie. It's definitely a missed opportunity on their part.


You've got to wait until November 1st for that.

4240719 Considering it took until almost a month after Friendship Games came out to get it, I don't think that'll be an issue.


I'll be buying Legend of Everfree on DVD when it comes out. I don't intend on watching it every day on Netflix forever. By the way, what did you think of my review?

4240880 It was great. I have an idea of what to expect, and it's got me hyped. I'm in the same position as when you did Friendship Games. :rainbowlaugh: And I do plan to buy it the day it comes out, but I buy mine at the Wal-Mart I work at, and it usually takes about that long for MLP to pop up on the shelf.

Do you think Sunset never had her Demon self as a guilty mark because she acknowledged it was a part of her that she needed to overcome?

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