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    Halo Infinite Campaign Stream Tomorrow

    Hey all.

    Just a heads up that I am planning on streaming Halo Infinite's campaign as I go in blind tomorrow.

    No, I do not have a specific time for you, because the 1PM EST time is apparently when you can begin downloading it.

    So likely late afternoon to evening.

    Anyone else remember midnight releases?

    Welcome to Modern GamingTM.

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  • Sunday
    Late Night Art Post!

    Special thanks once again to Little Tigress for this amazing rendition of my OC, Sky Scribbles!

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  • Sunday
    Halo Infinite Update: Week 2.5

    "As for Slayer itself, we're still having discussions around feasibility."

    "Historically, a Slayer only playlist and an Objective only playlist always resulted in the Obj playlist quickly becoming unhealthy."

    343 Industries' Community Manager, ladies and gents.

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  • Saturday
    Has anyone ever attended a live Esports event?

    I'm thinking about attending HCS Kansas City in April, and I'm wondering about what I can expect as a spectator.

    Like, obviously the main stage for the biggest stuff but I'm wondering what else there is to do at these type of events.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Thursday
    Is it just me, or does Fimfiction hate imgur links?

    Seriously, do I need to find a image hosting alternative? Because it's been like this for months.

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It Begins Again... · 12:04pm Oct 3rd, 2016

AKA Sunset Is Awesome Part 3.

And no, this probably won't be out for a bit. At the very least, until Season 6 wraps up on the 22nd. I know they haven't announced a physical release yet, but I know not everyone has Netflix (although I'd be willing to bet more fans have it than Discovery Kids).

It'll be out when it's out. The EG letters have a habit of becoming considerably longer than other entries.

Comments ( 12 )

Am I the only one who thinks the girls looked much more physically mature in this one?

4238286 To be honest, I don't really pay too much attention to stuff like that, but they ARE high school age.

4238287 In the other movies they looked to me to be a bit androgynous, but this one they had definite female figures.

Season Six is ACTUALLY ending on the 8th of October, contrary to popular belief.

The UK are showing the last three episodes on the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th of October on Tiny Pop, weeks before they air in America.

4238301 I know one thing; DHX needs to stop with the Twilight oneshot romances.

They aren't good at it. What they GOT good at was making Flash the but of a few jokes. Then not even two minutes later here comes ANOTHER waifu stealer that we really don't give a fuck about.

4238308 That... Is ten levels of disturbing for me. Mainly because I'm highly anticipating the finale. That could cause all kinds of problems over here.

You have a source on that?

4238330 Thank you. Posted another blog as a warning, gave you credit for alerting me. Thanks again.

Yikes... Hope I can catch up on season 6 before you post those letters:twilightsheepish:

me to Twi, me to.

You can get a one month free trail of Netflix right now.
I did that in part just to watch Legend of Everfree.

Something something vine tentacles.

4238316 Eh, I didn't really mind the waifu stealing. I actually thought some of it, while a little cringeworthy, was kind of funny.
Is it really necessary to the story? I would say no, especially when this is a spin-off of a series for girls ages 2-11. But despite that, they managed to make a relationship that somehow seemed natural. There was even a little moment with Flash and Sunset, yet they somehow made it work... and when it was immediately followed by that joke that happened in the last movie, it somehow made it funnier the second time. I would expect no less from Matsuda from Death Note...
But I get that some things aren't people's particular forte.

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