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    As some of you may have heard, the Windows 10 October Update has a very big flaw.

    I got to experience it.

    I lost a lot of data and while I have backups, they are a month old or even more. I'll need a week
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Legend of Everfree - My thoughts [spoiler] · 9:50pm Oct 2nd, 2016

There is actually not much to say...

Why? Why had Twilight to steal the heroine part from Sunset Shimmer? I thought this was her adventures. She was the main protagonist. I loved the idea of a former villain become one of the good guys. No, Twilight had to steal the show. Not only is she an alicorn in this world too (and Sunset for some reason isn't), she takes over Sunsets place as day saver.

Equestria Girl started out as a repeat of the first two episodes of MLP, just with different trials and Sunset as Nightmare Moon. But then came Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games. I liked Sunset in both. Especially in Friendship Games, because she didn't rely on Princess Twilight to solve the Problem. She got to be the heroine with her own strength.

Adding the Sailor Moon like transformation, who I also didn't like in the main series, Legend of Everfree is the new low point for the spin off.

Comments ( 3 )

Got to agree, not quite sure why SciTwi got alicornification. She experienced one magic overdose. One. Sunset had three, one of them being the same type SciTwi got. I didn't mind the getting over your dark side part, but that should have left to Sunset coming into her powers as princess of redemption or whatever (she's been doing a good job of pushing that idea these past few movies)... Oh well. The music was good. Aside from the opening song. A bit lacking compared with the previous two.

Twilight stole the show? Seriously the Sunset not an alicorn but Twi is thing is just odd but there is literally only one issue Sunset doesn't solve and that gets fixed by her helping Twi. Sure Twi gets the power for some reason but Sunset is so clearly the leader it's not even funny. They don't ask Twi if they can keep the amulets, and lots of other things go the same way, looking to Sunset as the leader. Sunset doesn't take that front position because she still has her issues and doubts, but while Twilight was under the spotlight this time obviously, Sunset was far more heroic in every single way.

I'm glad I skipped this one. Rainbow Rocks was starting to get my hopes up for this spin off.

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