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for the guys who still remember 2snacks · 3:44am Oct 2nd, 2016

You know, the guy who animated Two Best Sisters Play?

Well he's still alive. The Zaibatsu just uploaded their first episode of Shitstorm V, and the intro is 100% his art style.

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I do.
I miss 2snacks.
; -;

He's probably doing IRL things. Glad to see him animate something brutal. It feels... I dunno. Refreshing? Yeah. Refreshing. Anyway, can't wait to hop into this year's Shitstorm. Oh man, between this and Omikron this channel has been on fire baby. Looking forward to all the upcoming spooks and scares.

4236427 Yeah it's a great intro. He definitely captured the cowardice of Pat Fuckboiven very well.

4236316 He had a good run while in the fandom, but now I feel that he's let his daily responsibilities take priority (like his probable day job).

hes still around just quiet like he always has been

Some guy was actually impersonating him.

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