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Roast Deadpool. · 10:34pm Oct 1st, 2016

Yes. Roast him. Roast the Merc with the Mouth himself. If you want to, Roast him as a different character. Doesn't matter who they are or where they're from, just roast the living s**t outta him!

Report MrAquino · 433 views · Story: Deadpool in Equestria · #Roast #Deadpool
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Comments ( 11 )

A roast... In character?! Ohohohohoh.... Devilish laugh....
"Deadpool, you're best compared to a terrible vermin infestation: You never shut up and refuse to die!" ~ Lu Bu
"Studies have shown that the average sentient brain uses approximately 10% of their brainpower in their entire lives. Deadpool uses 0.25%." ~ Watcher
"Infinite possibilities across an infinite number of timelines in an infinite number of universes. In each and every one of them, you're still a dumbass." ~ Rick Sanchez
"Only person in existence able to annoy the Devourer of Worlds... No idea if you should be proud or ashamed of that." ~ Mister Marcus Malvonius Mayhem

Uh... You can be really childish and annoying, though it depends on the writer.

Did-did I do it right? :rainbowderp:

Oh this would be fun to see

Deadpool your humor makes me want to roll a 1 and all that implies...

But in all seriousness he makes me giggle like an Imp

Hmmm...Everblight! *Everblight looks up from his planning with a raised eyeridge as I point at Deadpool* ROAST HIM!! Shrugging his shoulder, Everblight picks Deadpool up and breaths fire on Deadpool until one of them stops.
:facehoof:...not what I meant but it'll work! *grabs a bag of caramel popcorn* I have my entertainment for the next eon.

They did a comic about this you know!
Hitler was there (I shit you not!)

Hmm... Not sure if you should be proud or not about being the first to annoy a Shadow...

Leafy: What... The.. Living shit. Okay, Deadpool, unless you knock at my front door and use my whole as a coat and masturbate I don't give a shit even if you send a tweet that threats me, I ain't fucking scared. For all I know Wade is a piece of shit who's jealous of Slade of being a badass. Hey, he only needs one pussy than a lot than you.

Dunkey: *playing Ghetto Matrix* oh wait, my turn? Ahem, uh... You suck bongo dick. 'Less you got like.. a better game than No Guy Shit and Owlgoodboy, I'll make a video about your game shit face.

OK.. I dunno where I'm going with this.


4236007 I feel like the first part of that was an H2O Delirious joke

A day late to the roast, but here goes nothing!

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