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    Back here, for the last time maybe

    I didn't even know if this account even existed anymore, but at least I wanted to thank my subscribers, few as they are. If you guys are still around, I love you. Writing was a coping mechanism for me that slowly became a sort of job and it was thanks to you. I loved the show for what it was, despised the finale (sorry guys), but I loved the community for what it was. Once again, thank you for

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    Hello from the other side

    Worry not, I'm not dead. Just sleeping. So, I heard just now the show is coming back in April and...I don't care about it. Yeah, Season Six while it had a few good episodes it kinda burned me out on the show. I'll keep writing (Something, maybe) but I don't think I will follow it. Many, many writers I follow are of the same sentiment and while I may hear something interesting happening in the

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    I'm not saying Happy New Year...

    Because that means tempting fate and 2016 isn't over yet.

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    Merry Christmas to you all. Be happy, be merry, spend some time with your loved ones, be safe and spread some love and joy to the world. And ponies. Always pony.

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    *Taps on mic* Is this thing on?

    I'm not dead, guys. I'm just slumbering. Kinda like Cthulhu but prettier. I'm so absorbed by FFXV that I lsot track of time. Anyways, let us talk about things: First of all, two new fics coming. Yay! Second of all, working on my doctorate thesis! Double yay! Third of all, I've started a campaign to gather funds in my hometown for a shelter for LGBT people because, and don't worry I won't get

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Special Birthday PPOV Review and Spoilers · 4:15pm Oct 1st, 2016

Well, not only it's my birthday but I got as a present what is probably the strongest episode of the second half of the season! We'll have to start on the fact that the episode had actually four writers and it showed, but not in a bad way: It's rare to have a sort of anthology episode with strong itnernal continuity and I had a blast in figuring out the common element (I was right, by the way) of the stories. I appreciated the fact that the pony telling the story didn't go too much voerboard with their own portayal. Sure, they had a grudge towards each other and this explains the exaggerated portrayal of the others (Seriously, Applejack? You made them both look like fools?) but the ending clarifies it in an heartwarming way. All the girls see each other as too much in their own element and that's why they came across as a parody, Applejack with her rough, rustic upbringing, Rarity and her high life and Pinkie Pie does whatever Pinkie Pie does. All in all, a nice episode with nice Rashomon paralles. Just like the movie, it did reveal the crux but the smaller details are lost in the interpretation. Applejack's story sounded like the woodcutter's that showed everyone else in a much more pitiful light than the others did but that wasn't the truth either. If anything, with all her ego, Rarity was the Tajoumarou of the situation.

My Birthday hasn't fell on a Saturday in a while. I don't feel older nor wiser because right now I feel silly to evaluate all the changes I experienced in just one day every day every year. Still, in the end, if we do feel wiser and we act wiser than that's what we are

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To avoid spoilers I didn't read the actual review, but let me just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :duck::ajsmug::rainbowkiss:

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