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A 2016 Halibut Trip, With Pictures! · 8:53pm Sep 29th, 2016

So about a month ago I disappeared for a while. Posts stopped for two weeks, and no one could reach me.

Thankfully, it wasn't without warning, at least for those who had kept up with my prior posts. I'd been offered a lucrative trip to Alaska to make some quick funds, and it was funds that would be greatly appreciated. In the end, despite losing a few weeks worth of writing work, I decided to take the job.

And along the way, I took a bunch of pictures.

So, you guys already know about my adventures getting to Alaska (I wrote about it earlier), by one thing I left out of that account was a write up of the actual fishing experience itself. Well, you've waited long enough. Patreon supporters got it, and now you're getting it.

So, what was my fishing trip like? Read on.

You can read this post (with all of its many pictures) at Unusual Things

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Comments ( 8 )

make sure you bring back this griffon a biiiiig feesh ^^


a biiiiig feesh

Those halibut sure fit the bill. I did not realise just how big they are!

"Snap... Snap... Snap..."

How much instant coffee did you down?
Beautiful pictures, by the way.

Those are huge fish! The views look amazing as well!


Actually ... none. I don't drink coffee, lol.

I've known a lot of fisherman that do, however. A lot of old boats, like ranch hands, had dedicated coffee pots.


Tea then? Or are you one of those abominations normal people that can rise at the crack of dawn wide awake and fresh as a daisy?

Oh not at all. I'm not a morning person. I've just learned to subsist with no sleep fairly well.

Music helps.


Music helps.


Just out of curiosity, what sort of music do you typically listen to?

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