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    Pretty Much Dead.

    Welp. I was afraid this would happen. Then again I guess it's been "happening" for a while now. I've done no new writing. I was looking at trying a whole new draft of DOE, but I just gave up. Not that interested in MLP anymore. Consider my fimfic dead until further notice.

    It's been fun!

    Happy Reading,

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    Feeling better!

    Boo! Took ya by surprise huh? I've been doing better as of late, maybe because January is over. January was a strange month for me, kinda felt like the Twilight Zone.

    I'm sorry, I just had to. That pun was too easy of a target.

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    Losing Interest.

    Things aren't doing so hot in the writing department. I've lost interest in Fimfiction, and really MLP as a whole. I haven't been writing for a while now, just meandering around Fimfiction once a day. I'm not sure when I'll get back into it, if ever, but stay posted and I should pipe up again in the next 10 days or so. Thank you for following my crazy writing journey and supporting all of my

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    Plans Underway

    Plans for a reboot of DOE are underway. It's really more of a spiritual successor, because the characters and plots are very different, they just used DOE as a jumping off point. Don't leave just yet! If you liked DOE, than you're sure to love this one, as it's everything that made DOE good, but polished to perfection. The pacing is going to be better, the chapters will be more descriptive, and

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DOE Chapter 3! Or 2? Ugh! · 6:15pm Sep 29th, 2016


So i'm writing this today seconds after I published the chapter "Beginnings" to Darkening of Equestria. I wanted to talk about my writing process, why I took so long, and why all my chapters have 2 different assigned names.

Starting with the chapter number-thing-deal. All of my chapters have two numerical assignments: Chronological, and Sequential. Chronological is the total number of chapters INCLUDING the prologue. Sequential is from "Premonitions" and onward. I will typically refer to things Chronologically, and will specify if otherwise.

Next, my writing process, and why it took me nearly three weeks to make a chapter. First off, it was longer, and longer chapter = more horseword writing time. But what really costs me time are two things: Life, and my writing process. First off, Life. Life happens, and when it does, I can't always write horsewords. So if i'm late, please be patient! Secondly, my writing style. I write based on the amount of quality work I think I put out per writing session. If I feel totally uninspired, then no writing. If I get hit with the lightning bolt of inspiration, I will write non-stop! I all depends on whether I think I can make good, fun, and interesting work. I also use world-based writing, which is where you structure your world before the characters, and then make you characters. Once you have made your characters, you drop them into your world and write your story based around how they would act if put into your world and and scenario. This makes for slower, but in my opinion, better writing.

In conclusion, you are all awesome readers, and I thank you for you likes, comments, and follows!

Happy Reading,

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