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  • 124 weeks
    Figuring things out.

    Hey everyone!

    Looks like my writing has ground to a halt again. I won't go into details, but this is for a couple of reasons:

    1. Career choices I need to settle.
    2. Graduate education choices I need to settle.
    3. HBS Battletech is trying to consume me.

    I'll be back as soon as I can! The Lunar Chalice needs finishing, and the short story series must go on!

    Thanks for staying with me.

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  • 146 weeks
    Returning to Write

    Hey everyone!

    In case you were wondering, there was a good reason as to why my content releases have slowed down to a trickle over the past few months. I decided to pursue some higher education, and while working full time, ended up getting a little too tied up to write.

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  • 172 weeks
    Awesome Fan Art!


    This month, my pal Mix-Up decided to make me a new avatar. A really talented artist, he wanted to make a nice work of Techorse wearing a pilot suit. Well, not only did he draw Techorse in one of the most detailed power armors I've ever seen, he went the extra mile and drew an entire mech!

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  • 182 weeks
    Updates and Short Stories

    Hey everyone,

    This week I'll have more chapters for The Lunar Chalice. I got a little busy, but things should be back on track starting with this week!

    I am also planning on restarting work on more Techorse Short Stories! I won't spoil what the next one is about, but it'll be something interesting! :raritywink:

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  • 193 weeks
    The Lunar Chalice arrives!

    It's here!

    The Lunar Chalice's first few chapters are now available! Thank you for your patience, and enjoy!


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The Search for Spanners! Midnight Blaze appears! · 4:37pm Sep 29th, 2016

I've just posted the first part of Techorse's hunt for his new rival, Spanners Buildsbetter. To help him on his quest, Wolven5's main character Midnight Blaze will be joining him. He's a unicorn who likes to build magical tools that help bridge the gaps between the different kinds of ponies. Surely two inventors will be better than one!



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