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Here's something for Yu-Gi-Oh! fans to think about · 12:52am Sep 28th, 2016

Yes, that's right I'm talking about Yu-Gi-Oh! this time around, in particular the Duel Disk system. Go online and type in "holographic duel disk" and you'll probably get a few hits on people trying to make real world hologram systems for duel disks, but that's probably going to draw more power than most of us would like, it would differently make the tournament scene look and feel like something out of the show, but for everyday duels it seems a bit of a waste of energy. The solution, at least in my opinion, an Augmented reality visor system, that way we don't we can play anywhere and the playing environment can adjust accordingly, at least in theory. This was actually seen in one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, Zexal. I would like to quickly point out that Zexal is my least favorite of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, mostly with things pertaining to the main character. The cool idea that I think was a real stick was the Augmented Reality Visor system used in the show, it seemed to be more achievable in the real world with that system. Also, I think that an Augmented reality system would be a bit less of power drain than a holographic system. As far as I can tell, nobody is working an an Augmented Reality system for the game.

Granted, it would probably start as an Augmented Reality app on our phones, much like Pokemon Go, before someone can up with a Augmented Reality Visor system that is functional, and commercially viable. But if it is achieved you can probably guess where could it possibly go.

Thoughts, comments, disguised insults?

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AR system as a starting point. To me, the tricky bit is getting the disk to read the cards.

4230923 that is a technical issue that needs to addressed early in development. The best way I can currently think of is to have a database of the cards and have the system identify the card by the image in its database, but I'm pretty sure there're a few issues with this system.

4230971 I think the in-universe explanation was microchips in the cards that held the data, although that doesn't explain how the disk could tell if it was face up or down. Attack and defense mode checking is relatively easy, just some sensors in the appropriate spots.

4231283 the spell and trap card reading was easier to explain than the monster cards, the spells and traps had slots they slid into that made it possible for the unit to read both sides, but monster and field spell cards were harder explain how the duel disks were able to properly read them. The AR system better explains, the visor was feeds visual info from each player, and by initiating duel mode all visors involved link up and share feeds, that part might be just as tricky as teaching the system how to recognize which cards are being played.

4231320 That's easy if there are chips in the cards, it's the same tech used by Presto.

4231337 actually, the chips in the cards doesn't explain why all cards can be played on the duel disks, presumably some of the cards used predate Kaiba's holographic technology, and as a result are devoid of the chips that were supposedly added to the production of the cards after the introduction of said technology

4232748 true, but none of that translates well to real world application. On a slightly different note, do you have a Duel Disk?

4232782 Same here, I actually decided to order one today, I just went through with it a little while ago.

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