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Fic recs, September 27th! · 5:58pm Sep 27th, 2016

I'm in the midst of a short-long audiobook, so it's time for some minifics, because some people think it's funny to keep adding to their collections! >:V

H: 2 R: 9 C: 4 V: 1 N: 0

The Castle on the Corner by Cold in Gardez
Genre: Slice of Life
Trestle wanted to build something different.
This is an interesting little piece, if only because you don't see much written about pony architects. This is sort of a different take on Lost Cities, because the end result is a structure with a history, but you get to see what went into creating it. There's room for more in the middle, but otherwise, it's a nice, short read.

The Princesses of Equestria by Esle Ynopemos
Genre: Feghoot
Rainbow convinces AJ to go see Twilight's new band.
I'm not sure if this actually fits the 'feghoot' definite, but that punchline sure as hell destroyed me like one.

Love Note by Esle Ynopemos
800th Review of 2016!
Genre: Shipping
This is short and simple, and didn't leave much of an impression on me. Not a great review for a milestone. :C
Recommended for Shippers Only

Without Restraint by Esle Ynopemos
Genre: Cute
Celestia had met some wonderful dancers in her life.
Again, short, but uplifting. It's a nice bit of… well, I guess it qualifies as friendshipping, and I enjoyed seeing it happen. :D

Forced Perspective by Pascoite
Genre: Creation Story
Luna never did approve of Celestia's experiments.
I'm impressed with how much is packed into 700 words here. You've got an Equestria before Equestria, Celestia and Luna as timeless immortals, and the creation and destruction of ponykind over and over. It's a really nice little scenario. (And, as a side note, there's some interesting use of alliteration as well.)

Trapped for a Thousand Beers by Nonagon
Genre: Comedy
I have to admit, the title is perhaps funnier than the story itself, but it's still amusing in a "ponies drinking" sort of way.
Recommended for Laughs

Little Beam of SunLight by FuzzyFurvert
Genre: Shipping
This is perfectly adorable. The setup, the interactions; for such a short fic, it's got a lot going for it. :D Highly Recommended for Shippers if you like cute stuff.

One of Those Days by HoofAndQuill
Genre: Comedy/Slice of Life
Everyone's had one of those days.
I've never seen a story so perfectly encapsulate these two tags. It's like that story about all of Ponyville having a snowball fight: just silly, low-stakes make-believe among the mane six, and others, with no purpose beyond being uplifting and adorable. :D And maybe the "one of those days" lead-in doesn't really mesh with the tone of the rest of the piece, but I can't say no to a line like "being an idiot with Pinkie was easier than trying to talk Pinkie out of being an idiot". This is pure, wholesome goodness, and it made me very happy to read.
Highly Recommended

Downtime by FanOfMostEverything
Genre: Slice of Life
Twilight's sure something's about to happen.
This has the odd distinction of explaining why Twilight never mentioned her brother before the wedding. I hadn't expected that. What I had expected was some misdirection and Twilight not freaking out about the right thing. Instead, actually nothing happens, and I'm left wondering. It's okay, I guess.
Recommended as Light Reading

The Stallion With Bows in His Mane by Admiral Biscuit
Reading by ShadowOfCygnus
Genre: HiE
There's two parts to this in this collection, so gosh darnit, I'm reading both! And I'm glad I did, because part 1 is all setup with no resolution whatsoever. Read by itself, it would have been thoroughly disappointing. Instead, part one gives us a frame for the actual explanation in part two. It's certainly nothing I would have anticipated. It also doesn't exactly have a resolution, save that part one takes place before it, so we know what happens, even though there's room for more. A decent entry into its genre, I'll say that much.

Farmer's Almanac by AugieDog
Genre: Poem
It's a very nice little poem, and good use of the form to fit the character.

Empty Hearth by Silvernis
Genre: Sad Shipping
How could Minuette be sad at a Pinkie Pie party?
This makes really good use of its economy of words, giving us a full concept in the most effective way possible. The 'sad' will likely be more a turnoff than the 'shipping'.

Songs Like Snow by GhostOfHeraclitus
Genre: Equestrian Civil Service
With war all but inevitable, one wonders why the struggle for peace.
Hey, I'm done with Obiter Dicta! :D And this is a great piece to end on. I really have no words for it. It's quiet and introspective, it gives Dotted Line something of a love interest, but in a cold, lonely way he can't act on. And it's not really about war. I'm not sure I actually know what it's about. But it is certainly lovely.
Highly Recommended

As You Are by Bombastic Bookpony
Genre: Shipping
Ehhh. I think this scenario could work with enough wordage, but this just sort of mashes Twilight and Pinkie together. The end result is rushed and doesn't quite get the point across, and I'm not sure Pinkie's believable either. TwiPie fans only.
Vaguely Recommended

The Legend of the Enchanted Spatula by Eakin
Genre: Spaghetti Incident
This is just weird.
Recommended for Laughs

Honor Roll by FanOfMostEverything
Genre: Episode Followup
This is great, a fairly natural but perfectly toned followup to Dungeons and Discords that takes into account what everyone was thinking. :D I could read a lot of Spike's D&D campaigns written like this!

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Yes, because the only reason anyone updates a minific collection is to spite you. Obviously.

(Really, it's just a side benefit. :raritywink:)

Man, Nonagon's entire existence makes me feel wary. I keep thinking he's like an evil version of me or something.

I'm postive one day he'll pop up at my house and we'll have to fight to fulfill some shitty prophecy or whatever, because, I mean, look at his name. That ain't a coincidence, bro. That ain't a coincidence.

But which one do I shoot?

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