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Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? The definition of insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again expecting shit to change. That is crazy.

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Depression · 2:25am Sep 27th, 2016

Not that anyone cares, but I've had a spell today. It's still with me from this morning and I can't shake it off. Now let's get the elephant out the room first. I am jealous at Nordryd... but at the same time... disgusted by him. I'm jealous because he has people that care about him, whether it's on the internet or not, their still people. Me I got nothing, no one gives a fuck about me. Both me and Nordryd have depression, and here's what I think is disgusting about him... He uses his depression as an act of getting friends. Now I'm not saying he's acting depressed, he really is depressed and so am I. He got friends through depression. Me? Whenever I say I'm depressed or say, 'Just kill me.' 'I'd rather do this in hell' or 'I have a virus too, it's called depression.' no one cares. They either ignore it, or they just don't care. Now going back to my last blog... this world truly hates me. I don't know what I've done in the past to deserve this. I've always been that one happy go-lucky kid at school, then... BAM! The world took a giant turd on my head that said, 'Fuck you!!!' and that's when my life went to complete shit. I just *sighs*... I just want some appreciation. I mean, I'm good at making stories, but they just don't fit with this site, they're original stories about MY ORIGINAL content that I'm gonna create later in my life... that is if I don't end up hanging myself before hand. But... why did Nordryd depression act get him to almost 400 followers and all of them caring for him? Why did it work for him and not for me. Does God hate me... am I just unlucky like Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown isn't unlucky, he's actually really lucky if you think about it... I keep thinking that my life is basically a movie... about my life. And I keep hoping that the part where the hero succeeds in the end happens to me... but so far... nothing...

Why? Am I bound to live alone forever... was I born unlucky... will I ever have any friends...


Like anyone's gonna read this... no one cares about me... no one will...

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Dude I'm here for you. No matter what you go through. I hope this depression goes away. I'm also a little jealous of Nordryd too. So hope you fell better. :twilightsmile:

4228617 yeah I do I don't you dare do something that your regret

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