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Hi I'm Jon I'm from Moncton New Brunswick Canada I'm just starting to get involved in my little pony I'm not sure if I'm a brony but I hope we can be good friends

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  • 11 weeks

    huh. I thought id give that show a shot I figure id watch one episode and well its not bad for a magical girl cartoon about a magical popband who are secretly princess with sailor moon esque transformations and the ocassional song even the voice of rainbow dash and applejack plays a tomboy who transforms into a magical cowgirl outfit

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  • 18 weeks
    Saban Moon

    This is a thing apparently. Imagine if we got this instead of the anime


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    italktotransformer website

    so uh bradybrunch at least I think that's their name found a site where you put in a sentence the sites ai finishes curious I figured what could go wrong

    famous last words for tempting murphy for 800 alex

    here it is

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  • 41 weeks
    mlp civ 5 battle royale part 1

    playing a royale with pony and various modded civs at turn 30 …..or year 30 as I like to call it so far twilight sparkle has built the great library of Alexandria cause book horse gonna book peter griffin has built the sword alter from fire emblem and im curious if the saddle arabs forming the brotherhood of nod religion is a bad thing or not

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  • 73 weeks
    st discovery s2 e6 promo

    is that armus?

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legend of everfree end scene · 1:53am Sep 27th, 2016

just saw the legend of everfree ending

spoiler warning:
we see sunset sunset asks "theres one thing i dont get....."

sci twi : whats that?

sunset: WHERE did the magic in that cave come from?

cut to canterlot high see top of horse statue there is a crack several different orbs of light break from statue ending with a blue light orb flies toward camera cut to black with sparkle

end credits

my thoughts magic is definitly leaking into the human world what are those light orbs elements of harmony .....ponies coming to earth? could equestria and earth be starting to merge? plus....there are lot of references to the dazzlings almost every movie.could.......they be returning?

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I've heard nothing official, no rumours, no nothing (and don't want to - death to spoilers!)

But that would be my guess; yeah. If the sirens were ever to return, that seems like the ideal opportunity.

The next question is, if it happens, will they be as good as before?

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