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I recently started "Steven Universe" · 1:29am Sep 26th, 2016

Fast as lightning, sharp as a sword

I was rolling on the floor three episodes in. Before I knew it, I was fifteen episodes deep.

This show is hilarious! I love it!

Garnet's stoic one-liners make me smile. Pearl's uptight social awkwardness is super-cute, and Steven is the funniest character on the show, hands-down. He's goofy and random and light-hearted, and you can't help but root for him, even if he's in over his head. Especially when he's in over his head! :rainbowlaugh: Basically all the dialogue is either witty, funny, or both, and it is delightful.

Sadly it has it's drawbacks. Amethyst is basically a Rainbow Dash clone (inconsiderate, rebellious, lazy, practical joker, etc.), but I can kinda forgive her. The episode "Tiger Millionaire" gave her more depth in two minutes than Dash ever got in the whole first season of MLP. Which thoroughly impresses me.

The jokes are funny and well-timed, and the pacing is okay for 11 minute episodes (is it in that format throughout, or just the first season?). And every now and then, during an episode, they'll hit you with a deep, emotional/psychological moment. It'll be like:

Funny stuff, funny stuff, look, there's the thing, let's go find it, adventure, funny stuff . . .

Then BOOM! It just shoots you in the feels.

And then it goes back to being funny and light-hearted as if no one's spirit were thoroughly crushed just now. It goes through those moments, then moves on like they're no big deal. Clever, masterful writing if I've ever seen it.

As I said, i'm only about 15 episodes in, so this is only a preliminary assessment. I'll check back with you guys regularly just to let you know what I think of the later episodes. And if you've seen it, tell me what you think!

(By the way, "Can Ya Fix her?" is doing wonderfully, thank you all so much for your support!)

Stay quick, stay sharp, and thanks for reading! :pinkiehappy:

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Steven Universe is by far one of the best shows on Cartoon Network right now.

Welcome to the fandom; we've been expecting you.

I heard rumors that they're cancelling Steven Universe....though I'm sure they're just rumors and not reality, because if they did...I'd be heartbroken.:fluttercry:

4227094 That would be tragic. It's only four seasons long, isn't it? Most cartoons die off before then, but only the good ones die young. "Samurai Jack" and "Avatar" can attest. :fluttershysad:


1) I don't like Steven.

2) I'm not fond of the animation.

3) The show keeps switching from Space Opera to Slice of Life at an almost schizophrenic pace. If it wants to be one or the other, then fine. But if it wants to be both, then balance it. MLP does it.

4) Not my type of humor.

5) And the show keeps taking huge hiatuses. I've never seen a show so desperate to NOT tell it's story.

So yeah, I've just stopped caring about the damn show. It shouldn't be a chore to like something.

Amethyst is my favorite gem! I made a blog post about it.

4227100 So very true. But at least "Avatar" had the spin-off and "Samurai Jack" gettin a re-boot later this year.

Amethyst is my favorite gem! I made a blog post about it.

4227103 Uhhh . . . okay. I disagree with most of that or can tolerate it, but I can understand why you'd feel that way. But yeah, the hiatuses are a bitch. "Ninja Turtles" goes on hiatus like every month. :ajbemused:

4227113 So, maybe there's hope if SU ever does get cancelled. Hopefully no any time soon, of course.

4227112 Of course she is. :facehoof::ajsleepy:

It is an amazing series! Defiantly helped me get over my Gravity Falls sadness.

Enjoy the fun while you can after season one the series starts getting more feel and some pretty serious topics, but it's still a great show, love it to bits and don't worry everyone we get 2 more steven bombs before the end of the year.

Personally, thought I hardly watch it, I enjoy Pearl's weirdly mother-like actions towards Steven. It's cute, funny, and sometimes emotional. That's what completes character development to me. Garnet is her own force to be reckoned with, especially since she's like Big Mac and has little to say. She's just funny for her blank face and straight up perfect timing.

Amethyst... Um...not the brightest. She's a well developed girl, just needs to show that history a little better than this. It's weird. Steven, quickly became my second favorite purely by the fact of being cute and silly when the plot demands it. Brilliant overall.

I started watching it this summer as well. I can't believe I haven't given it a chance until now.

And Garnet's the best.

This post makes me want to purchase a pair of bowling shoes, and then cut my feet off so I can't use the shoes properly.

It really impressed me. It was so much more than it seemed

4227132 Well on the topic of cancellation. What I think is the case is that the show is green lit through season 5 or was it 4?...no I believe it's 5. Defenently need to look that up but I'm pretty sure that's what's up.

Now on to the show itself as a whole. I may not have had the chance to watch every single episode I've watch around 90% of them. I can tell you that the animation and story telling gets a lot better in later seasons.

I know many people are saying that SU is like in the big 3 of CN shows. I beleive many consider Regular Show and Adventure Time the other two.

I consider one of the best cartoons of all time. The show is done really well. It gives many subtitle hints that it spawns hundreds of theories. And while a new episode many confirm or out right destroy a theory or two several more can pop up out of no where.

Plus the epic fights this show has. its also very musical and has even more songs than MLP(I think).

Alao while initially some of the characters(even the regular citizens of the city) may seem almost 1 or 2d they really are anything but.

Pearl has a whole lot of deep seated emotional problems and Amethyst has her share as well. Steven has a boat load as well. Bottom line everyone gets pretty good character development at some point.

While it does have its faults so does every other show out there. There is just no such thing as a perfect show. And on top of that everyone has their own preferences as well.

Point is if your enjoying now while only 15 or so episodes in wait until you get caught up to the later seasons.

I love Steven Universe:heart:, keep watching it! It gets better! You may even start to like amethyst more (or less to be honest there was that one time...). Just don't judge the characters to harshly and quickly, there is a lot of development throughout the series. The Hiatuses (is that proper plural) are horrible though, we once went three months i think without new episodes. Nearly went insane thinking they cancelled it:pinkiecrazy:.

Steven Quartz Universe...
This show is INTERESTING
i have watched all recent episodes and it is fantastic
stick with the show Lightning
This show does their Rainbow Dash RIGHT
sure she is a jerk, and i mean a BIG jerk early on, but what makes her great is the pressure she has carried with her...
well watch on man
they ALL have a weight more massive than the temple they live on.


well watch on man
they ALL have a weight more massive than the temple they live on.

Heavy, man. Very heavy.

Steven Universe (the show) is very underrated. There is a lot of underlying plot (no, not that kind of plot, pervert) even early on in the series. I've re-watched whole seasons and seen subtle scenes that made me chuckle knowing what was coming. There's a huge spoiler for Garnet late in Season 1 that makes her reaction to Steven and Connie's "incident" at the rave earlier on in the season make sooooo much more sense :D

I think someone already said it, but the later seasons get pretty heavy with the feels and exposition. The series never overloads you with information but it does eventually explain a helluvalot. Steven's mom, why the Crystal Gems are on earth in the first place and who they really are, what (or whom) they are fighting and why... so much story... and there is so much more we still haven't been told yet & we're in season 4 at the moment. Every time they reveal something it makes a dozen more questions get asked. I recall mention they're green lit for season 6 but can't be 100% certain.

It's nice seeing Steven go from a kid who is pretty clueless and carefree to someone who is still those two but eventually able to join the Gems on missions and actually make a difference. A lot of what goes on in the series is directly related to him and his family, but you will find that out the more you watch :D

If you're still watching Season 1 then you are yet to meet so many new characters! Big-assed warning - don't go looking for fanart as you'll find pix of characters that may be huge spoilers for you!!

Dunno if you've come across the music/songs yet but sometimes they're the best part of the show. Always there for a reason and sometimes very poignant.

Be very interested to hear what you think of the show the more you watch it down the track :D

Just wait till you reach Jail Break. It has one of the best songs from the show.

I've looked into the show and I've found that the stories themselves aren't all that impressive but the depth behind it is gold. For example there's one episode (spoiler alert) where Steven in sent through an obstacle course by the gems. He almost makes it through but then learns the traps and obstacles are fake and he was never in any real danger then overhears the gems saying they made this to boost his confidence because he's had several failures before hand. So Steven goes through the course and plays along ending the episode with Steven's confidence not really boosted but he does know those 3 will always have his back.

I enjoy watching the show. It have everything I want to see in a show: drama, a serious story with comedic moments, the feels, and the character designs are all unique.

Just watched Lion 3: Straight to Video last night. I don't know if I will ever recover from the feels. :fluttercry:

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