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I used to question the MLP FiM show, but one episode and I got hooked on it. See my Fanfiction account ChaosMagemon for more than just MLP fics. Joined the Herd Nov 5, 2011

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    Pepsi Soda Shop

    For anyone whose had these two new Pepsi products what do you think?

    I love the Cream Soda the most.

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    I reached 1,000 Followers

    Upon realizing yesterday I hit a thousand followers. My thanks to all those who follow me, even if some are banned or removed from the site entirely. It amazes me to see how far I've come.

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New Fanart · 1:19am Sep 23rd, 2016

My friend xXAngeLuciferXx has once again created something involving Highschool Dragon. It's not a scene I've used yet, but it will be something I will be thinking of using sometime. Click his name and look for image titled "Who's the Flat-chested One Now?" Enjoy the image.

Comments ( 11 )

Yep, Spike is going to get either a massive nosebleed or a massive power-up. Personally, I say both.

But...i gotta ask; whose the third girl? Twilight and Applejack i recognize.

4222084 That's Princess Celestia.

4222093 hell no you're kidding!?

4222117 nuh-uh, see it in her hair, that's not Rainbow's hair colors, but Celestia's hair colors

Not that I mind, (seriously. hawt.) but doesn't NSFW links have to be broken? Like fimfictionDOTnet instead of fimfiction.net?

4222118 so let me get this strate you are going to make the princess of the sun part of his harem?

4222136 I may eventually do so, her and Luna.

Oh man Spike is gonna flip out when he see that

well that is going to be fun to read imagine twilight's reaction she will be real strict now that or she might faint I am almost willing to put 20 bucks on it ALMOST

I saw that one...but that's from this story? Wow.

4222201 I may be in a different form

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