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Plug Tuesday’s Running a Little Late - Happy Anniversary Twilight and Green Grass · 9:08pm Sep 22nd, 2016

Yeah, I’m slow. And Tank’s a tortoise. In apology, I’m giving a quick sneak peek at a possible upcoming story, Castle Money Pit, in which Twilight discovers some of the greater joys of home ownership. This will be Canon Twilight, not Tutor Twilight, so no previous reading is required, however, if you want to read The Traveling Tutor and the Librarian series, I’m certainly not going to object. For those of you not in the know, the handsome fellow below is Green Grass, who over a 3-4 story span and about two years, found himself romantically involved with a certain purple unicorn/alicorn, from being violently dunked in the Ponyville fountain to facing Tirek and labor pains. Today (or somewhere around today) is Fall Equinox, which is their first year wedding anniversary and Clover’s Halfth Birthday. Celebrate with some very cool artistic accomplishments.

From KatysCornerTX at DeviantArt, a wonderful representation of Green Grass and his hat.

(Thank you, Katy. It’s beautiful. And Green Grass looks pretty darned good too :) Also, check out the Sunflower she did for Project: Sunflower. Awesome.

Onward to the plugs, and the sneak peek at Castle Money Pit! (below the break)

A Great and Powerful Heart - A Trixie Adoption story well worth the reading.

The Goodfic Bin - Not a story, but a group with quite a few wonderful reads in it.

Pas De Deux - A wonderful Fleur/Fancy pairing by Dafaddah, which I found by way of the Royal Canterlot Library. Well worth the stop.

Castle Money Pit
4ac, 5Balc, 17/0 Col, HRS, FXR

“You did what in my castle?”

Princess Twilight Sparkle of Ponyville, Solarus Seconda, Ars Regia⁽*⁾, and several other titles bequeathed to her by the Canterlot royalty, looked down upon the little earth pony colt cringing before her. Pipsqueak had always been a fine young pony, always returning his books on time and not nibbling on the corners like certain of his diminutive peers, but this latest indignity was so far beyond common courtesy that she was sorely tempted to suspend his library card for at least a week! Then she thought of the fate of her former home and all of her thousands of paper friends inside, and the righteous anger at having her new home ‘broken in’ simmered down to a low boil.

(*) To be honest, most of the Canterlot noble titles bequeathed on Twilight by the various social organizations thereof did not really make sense in Ancient Eqquish, but they looked good in print, seemed to make Princess Celestia happy⁽¹⁾, and the engraved scrolls with the proclamations had looked rather spiffy on the Royal Oak Library wall.
(1) Mostly happy that they had not been given to her. Celestia had an entire storeroom full of the scrolls, and a full recitation of her granted titles would take a trained team of heralds over a week to complete.

“I really didn’t mean it, mum, but we couldn't find a bathroom anywhere! Pinkie Pie was taking us on a tour and we all had fizzy pops to drink and I had four of them before we went in because the line was so long and we stopped twice to figure out where we were, so Pinkie Pie gave us a couple more, and then we got separated around the big greenhouse thing on the south side of the castle and I had a couple in my pack because Pinkie said we should pack supplies—”

“How many sodas did you drink?” Twilight Sparkle eyed the little colt, who did not look like he even weighed as much as a bottle of soda, let alone able to drink one all by himself.

“About fifteen.” The little colt squirmed in place, looking like he needed to visit the bathroom again… or a real bathroom, at least. “It wasn’t as bad as Snips and Snails.”

“Snips…” Twilight’s brilliant mind whirled and a metaphorical index card popped up.

Snips: Unicorn colt, age 9. Magical power rating (adjusted for age) 6.4 Magical control rating (adjusted for age) 7.2 Ranking on the Cutie Mark Crusader insurance scale of 9.89 out of 10. Along with frequent companion of Snails (see attached) was responsible for bringing an Ursa Minor into Ponyville. Handle with caution. Lactose intolerant.

“Yeah,” continued Pipsqueak, looking much as if he wanted to be anywhere else. “You see, we had a bunch of quesadillas before the tour started, and there wasn’t any toilet paper in the greenhouse…”

Ten minutes later, after all of the castle tourists had been gently (or not too gently in the case of Diamond Tiara, who had taken over Twilight’s chair in the Big Map Room and declared a coup) extracted from the castle, Princess Twilight Sparkle posted a sign on the front door of her castle.

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Can you write a whole selection of those metaphorical index cards for most of the background ponies? Please!

4221727 ...whirr, click...

Trixie Lulamoon: Unicorn mare, age 23. Magical power rating 9.4 Magical control rating 9.6 Ranking on the Cutie Mark Crusader insurance scale of 9.98 out of 10. Mezzo-soprano, excellent range, exceptional projection. Skilled in Guitar, Keyboard, and several other electrical musical instruments. Fluent in Draconic, Prench and Fritallian. Cutie mark: Wand and trailing stars across firm and muscular flanks. Avoid contact with Snips or Snails at all cost. Likewise, Discord. Unresolved tasks: Schedule interview to determine possibility of friendship studies, preferably at a restaurant she would be comfortable in, followed by an in-depth question and answer session back at the castle in a more relaxed setting with a little wine and some flowers for sandwiches. Overnight, in the same bed if possible. Allergies: bananas, Rainbow Dash's perfume.


Welp. looks like we know who replaces Greengrass in this universe then.

Happy anniversary to the lovely couple. May their lives be long, prosperous, and relatively free of fan fiction-worthy shenanigans. (Not to say that I don't want any more Traveling Tutor stories; it's just that they wouldn't.)

As for the upcoming tale, this is what happens when a building's architect is a tree. When your only waste product is carbon dioxide, you don't think to make allowances for less gaseous ones. I look forward to seeing Twilight rectify the matter.

Rainbow Dash uses perfume? I thought she just went through ionized clouds until she smelled more like ozone than sweat.

I admit, I wouldn't be against seeing a sequel to the tutor series, so great were your writing and characters, but I think I'll be keeping an eye out for this story.

4221767 What are your thoughts on the Starlight-Trixie ship vs. Twilight-Trixie?

4221767 ... I wanna read that story, too.

Celestia had an entire storeroom full of the scrolls, and a full recitation of her granted titles would take a trained team of heralds over a week to complete.

Given Celestia's age and history, I bet you could, with some skill and determination, create a poignant crack-fic one-shot in the style of that apocryphal Hemmingway "Baby Shoes" story...

Lactose intolerant.
"You see, we had a bunch of quesadillas before the tour started, and there wasn’t any toilet paper in the greenhouse…"


Ah, so there is context...


You don't say :ajsmug:

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