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Music SIG Likes #26 :: The Peculiar Pretzelmen · 3:56am Sep 19th, 2016

Peculiar Prezelmen, how to describe you? They all certainly peculiar, no pun intended; take a sold foundation of folk and compose it for banjo and baritone saxophone + clarinet. Stir in a generous measure of gospel and a large slug of post-punk rock. Season heavily with some playfully dark cabaret and add a sprinkle of steampunk for taste. If that is too much music-snob wankery, just think of it as "steampunk cabaret as performed on a saxophone".

One of those serendipitous finds from Pandora. Not something I would have initially listened to (this is more the kind of music Significant Other likes), but still delightfully jaunty and fun to tap your feet and bob your head to.

(IDrawWeeklyPony - Blues Noteworthy with Octavia)

6 Volt Car

Burn Your House Down

Dirty Susan

Gone to Jericho

Money McGillicutty

Pass the Kerosene
(Perfect for this upcoming election, for both sides of the aisle!)

Pay The Rope

Rio Rojo

Sing Along

Smells Like Diesel

These Hands Are Clean
(Shades of Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Tom Waits here)


Wash The Ground

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