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:fluttercry: · 2:00am Sep 18th, 2016

I'm being treated unfair... :fluttercry:
I hate it when my sisster is treated like royalty and I am being treated like i dont exist or something
I really just wanna shout "I AM A PERSON TOO":fluttercry::flutterrage:
My parents always say "So Makayla do you wanna go somewhere as a family?" and never "Mistie do you wanna go somewhere as a family?" (Surprise surprise I am Mistie)
She wants to right now but I dont. I love trips and all but I am tired. Of course we have to go anyway. I have the option to stay at home but i HATE being home alone! If Makayla says shes tired, I bet we would cancel the trip!

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I'm terribly sorry you're on the bad end of sibling favoritism. :fluttershysad: I wish there was something I could do about that.

I am sorry for you. :fluttercry: Like I always say, you have us, and we respect you and each other. *hugs*

*hugs* This seems like something you should take up with your parents, talk to them and find some common ground.

I get EXACTLY how you feel. My parents show obvious favouritism to my younger brother. But hey, at least you have us.

4215815 *hugs* You're welcome.

4215815 You're welcome. :heart:

4216191 I would also suggest talking to your parents about the favoritism issue in your house, but before you do how old is the sibling they favor the most?

4217322 Is said 6 year old playing one parent against the other, or is there something about them that your parents need to take special precaution to?


It's just that they always let my brother the easy way out and shower him with attention and they act like I never mattered and blamed me for everything.

4219143 Okay, ya this is far too one sided than it should be. I could get every now and again, or him having special needs. But if your brother has everything working fine for him, and there's nothing wrong with him mentally or physically. Then you need to have that talk with your parents about favoritism, and how it negatively affects both you and him at the same time.


It's no use if my parents won't even listen.

4220333 It never hurts to try.

4221081 I don't want to. My parents blame me for everything that happens, and if I tried to say something, they say I'm talking back. I just learn to live with it.

4222011 *hugs* In time they will come to regret what they are doing. They will lose connection with you one day, and when you have no time for them they will look back. And will only have themselves to blame.

Even more so when your brother is 32, living with them, no job, and asking for more money and something to eat.

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