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"Pas de Deux" gets featured by the Royal Canterlot Library · 1:33pm Sep 17th, 2016

Hello friends,

About a month ago I was advised that my story "Pas de Deux" was selected by the Royal Canterlot Library. As I've said in a prior blog, I wrote it for a contest - which it didn't win, by the way! Still, others seem to really like it, including the stewards of the RCL. It continues to amaze me how well liked the story is, being on a relatively dated premise: the relationship between two characters who appear in a major way in only one episode.

Still, I'm tickled pink at all the attention it's gotten. Now if only I can get the time to finish chapters of my current ongoing stories. Yes, I've written more of both "Outland" and "A Herd of my Own", as well as over half of another novel-length story which I have yet to publish. I have been extraordinarily busy at work since March, severely cutting into into my writing time and the drive of my writing muse. All I can do is beg for your patience and hope I can manage to get back to a more balanced schedule with the arrival of the fall.

Thanks to everyone for your support and comments, they've been a key moral booster in this very busy period of my life!

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Comments ( 5 )
Author Interviewer

Well, that's a fine pas-de-ya-deux. :V

I noticed!

Then I noticed I've been mentally pronouncing your username wrong.

Great to see you get some recognition for the story, it's well-deserved. Also great to know you're still writing new stuff! :twilightsmile:

Hey, me too! :pinkiegasp: Like "daffodil", right?

Daffah dah!

Not Da faddah.

I feel like everything I know about how to pronounce his screenname is a lie.

That was pre-sent, Perfect!

Related to both Fleur and Applejack: Radical-dis-Honesty

Is you is or is you ain't Aw?

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