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I Am Made Of Constellations · 8:27pm Sep 16th, 2016

I have constellations as birthmarks kind of all over my body, including the Big Dipper, The Small Dipper, and so on.

This got me thinking of that quote that says people are built from stardust and everything that makes up a human being can be found in space.

I guess my birthmarks are a pretty literal example of that (in some form or another). :P

On a side note, I also have one eye that is a slightly different shade of blue than the other.

How about you guys? Do you have any interesting birthmarks or physical features? I am curious to know.

Comments ( 45 )

4212769 lol Well, there is always that. It is always satisfying to get rid of pimples and the like. :rainbowkiss:

I got brown spots in my green eyes so sometimes people are convinced I have brown eyes and sometimes they're green. I also got a scar that look like I've been slashed in two from an operation when I was 3

Legend of the star children.

Lyra is Starchild!:rainbowkiss::yay:
4212777 It's Frankenstein's... wife's monster!:rainbowlaugh: JK, but you sound like you have stars in your eyes... literally.:yay:

4212795 Yep. And maybe my eyes are stars, who knows?

4212777 It's neat that your eyes can be different colors depending on the situation. :) Sorry about your operation though. That must not have been fun. :(

4212795 I don't know what that is. :rainbowkiss:

4212809 :pinkiegasp: That'd be awesome!

4212813 Child made of stars! ... I think...:rainbowkiss:

I have no interesting birthmarks or other things on my body, except hair. I already have grown a beard, even though I'm only 16 years old. That's interesting. I know someone who's far more interesting I think because they don't grow beard hair, arm hair, or leg hair.

4212843 Beards are cool. XD And so are mustaches. I know a some people who don't have any hair either. And a lot of them are guys. :0

4212846 How strange you know so many guys who have the defect that stops them from growing facial hair or leg/arm hair. I personally am growing out my mustache, I hope to eventually have a kaiser mustache of sorts. Currently It's more of a Clark Gable though. On the whole "Star stuff" information, it's because the stars are the beginning of a lot of things. Stars fused elements together, creating new elements, until they exploded. Having all of these elements created from stars, everything we're made out of, comes from stars. This is because matter is never destroyed, it's just moved.

4212887 That's a good way of putting the star thing. I knew it had something to do with that, but couldn't think of the right way to say it. :P

4212916 I love to explain things.

4212939 You are good at it as well. XD

4213268 That's really cool! I will have to look into this. :)

Now.....I want to see your body due to that....:twilightblush:

4213297 I will indeed. :)

4213299 Maybe one day I could take pictures of the constellations on my legs and arms at least. :P

4213302 Yeah......*shy blush*

4213561 You are very welcome, my friend.

I look like a young Terence Hill.

I have a curved nose.

I have very big feet for being 17 years old.

4214161 I wish that I had bigger feet. My feet are really small. :rainbowkiss:

4214193 DON'T! Do you know how hard and expensive it is to find the shoe size 12,5?

4214433 My mom has pretty big feet too. I think she wears a size 11. Yet somehow, I still got the small foot gene. Actually, I am just small in general. :rainbowlaugh:

4214475 Be proud of that if you are a girl. Small feet are super cute when they belong to girls.

4214490 Well thank you for the vote of confidence. It means a lot. XD

4215982 I am glad that you think so. :) I never thought a lot about it until someone asked if people have weird birthmarks in my group. And then I remembered my constellation birthmarks. :P

4216242 In my group here: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/207724/the-equestrian-writers-guild

Someone asked the group members in general if they had any weird birthmarks. So it inspired me to make this post.


Oh, this post must have flown by me in my desperation to get through all the feed

4217477 lol It's all good. XD


I let the feed build up so much XD

4217490 Sometimes I do the same thing as well. :P

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