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"Not all who are lost wander but not all who wander are lost" ~-~ pm to chat/talk/or anything. Nom ^_*Out

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  • 152 weeks
    BOOOM! well i feel happy

    so i got my surface pro and am waiting to get a better art program like photoshop
    so decided to just try a cheap while i wait
    and honestly i kinda hated doing it without all the features but it was fun to try
    so here it is
    *Go down*

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    0 comments · 151 views
  • 194 weeks
    Happy Christmas

    *sorry it took so long to post I had thought I had hit the submit button this morning but *shrug**
    Either way merry holiday :pinkiehappy:

    1 comments · 225 views
  • 196 weeks

    I don't know why the beep I wrote this.
    Don't question me; I'm drunk on madness and silliness. Deal with it. :pinkiecrazy:

    So Discord....there are many, many backstory's about him I could barf. Don't get me wrong some of his theory's are pretty good...but--bla, there are too many of them.

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  • 201 weeks
    My first lost

    I just discovered that I had lost a very old and very dear friend. He was an old veteran. Lost both his legs for this country. I'm crying as I write this.
    He would give me little test (saying question) and when I got an answer wrong he would tease me and call me, "you're no smarter than a 3rd grader". He meant well.
    He died today, on Veterans Day.
    God bless him.

    8 comments · 251 views
  • 201 weeks
    Just look at some zootoipa pics

    And Celestia's damn it! They're so darn cute!:raritystarry:

    ^this one's my fav

    2 comments · 157 views

Preupdate · 12:56am Sep 15th, 2016

Ok so on Friday I will be doing a long blog about a few things about the E&S adventures, a fun challenge, some characters of the story. And a word dictionary for some words you will see me use a lot.
Some words I make up cause I can't find another good name for it so.....
Be prepared on Friday for my very long update.

Report PonyPawz · 154 views · #Be prepared
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Comments ( 22 )

Sounds like fun.

4210422 it will and it's going to be very very long and after around 5 so set your dvr cause I'm coming at you :P

4210684 Lucky me, no dvr, and nothing to watch that night... well... except ancient aliens. But I hardly watch it, mostly pay attention to the theories, science, and math they explain far more than them talking about aliens landing in our distant past..

4210918 it was a joke, silly:twilightsmile: and true true :pinkiehappy:

4211142 So is mine, except for the show. That is real.

4211179 good to know, nom:P

4211296 *nibbles ear*

4211412 *ruds head into your mane*

4211417 Playful aren't you?

4211434 I am. Quite *smirk*

4211658 It's always great to be playful from time to time.

4211668 well that's good
I'm always playful :pinkiehappy:

4211816 Oh, reading your bio I'm reminded of a song you would enjoy.

4211843 why thank you.
Loved the melody but not the words. I understood some of them cause I know Spanish. And liked the animation.
I like it
But the song I think best describes me is
(Sorry didn't feel like looking it up on YouTube so look for it when you feel like it)
"I know I'm a wolf"

4211861 Well the song is based off an old story that explains the phases of the moon. That and the captions have the english translation. Basically when the child of the moon is happy the moon is full, when he cries the moon wanes acting as a cradle to rock the child to sleep.

4211861 I listened to the song and I can see why you relate to it so well. I have a few I relate to as well, and I'll share them some other time.

4211891 oh hey there another English version somewhere out there that I have heard. I knew it sounded familiar
And sure

4212239 Yep, and here is one of the many songs I relate to.

4212857 Honestly it fits me rather well, but like I said it's only one of many.

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