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deadpool displaced idea · 7:01pm Sep 14th, 2016

"Um... hello is this thing on *tap* *tap* *tap* oh good it on... well hello people reading this on I am Deadpool well not real one but a guy who got displaced one and I know you hear this story over and over and over BUT this one is different you are asking?...because my old life sucks monkey dick and I was looking forward to getting displaced and I got to say re4 merchant look like a guy who sells drugs or porn to kid but anyway being in Equestria is awesome and you are asking "what alternate universe Equestria you are in?" well humanized Equestria everybody look human but they got horn out they head and wings out they back and other one are very muscles and as well they have technology like modern technology and also did I talk about being a mercenaries is FUN you can kill people and get pay for its so much fun and I see my target so I got to go bye."

ps. I need to re-fix/re-make this

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Comments ( 7 )

Ohhhhh:rainbowderp:...could be interesting:yay:

4209630 I wasn't originally a deadpool fan, but now after that recent movie i actually find his charecter to be more fun than i gave him credit for. I now understand why so many people enjoy him :twilightsmile:

4209633 hey if you want to us my deadpool displaced idea and into a story i am ok with it

4212626 Thanks, but for the moment i don't have any immediate plans to do it...But maybe in the future

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