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i like zoophobia and every character in it :3(except for rusty)

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cute puppy video · 6:15pm Sep 14th, 2016

if you don't like it you have no heart

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if you don't like it you have no heart

Well, I'm happy to say that I do have one, 'cause this IS absolutely hilarious, as well as flat-out adorable!

And oh, yeah, it's just me and Pedro here at the house atm, so I was watching this without my earbuds in my ears, and with the sound turned all the way up on my laptop, with Pedro sleeping in his bed beside me, as per usual.

When he heard this, he poked his head out from under his towel-blanket, and gave me the oddest look, like "WTF are you watching, Mom?!"

I think I got just as big a laugh out of him for THAT as I did the video itself!

4209701 Yep. He's a purebreed Chihuahua.

Hence the name.

Which wasn't MY idea, trust me.

My younger (and only) brother, who actually GAVE him the name, bought him back in 2005 as a birthday present for his (then) wife, who decided a coupe of weeks later that she didn't want him, so she gave him to my oldest niece, Shelbie.

(After Bob paying $250.00 for him. Needless to say, my little bro wasn't a happy camper about that.)

ANY-way, Shelb had him a little longer than that, then SHE decided that SHE didn't want him, either (too much trouble, she said (hey, he was a 9 month old puppy at the time; consequently, they take a little work)), so she asked her dad to do something with him.

And what THAT was, and what I fortunately (for my pooch) walked IN on at just the right moment, was him telling her that he'd take Pedro and drop him off down a dirt road near a house somewhere (the area where I lived at the time was in south-central Missouri, and it's still a pretty rural area), and whoever lived in the house would find him and take care of him.

Now, given the fact that I absolutely DESPISE stuff like this, AND the people who are cold-hearted enough to do such a stupid thing, I naturally, was havin' NONE of it.

So, I walked over, took Pedro out of Shelbie's arms, looked her dad dead in the eyes, and said, "Not on MY watch, you ain't. He's a Chihuahua, and a puppy at that, Cecil. Between the cars, truck and predators, he wouldn't last LONG enough for someone to find him. And that's leaving out the chance they might not want him and just decided to shoot him as a stray instead! No. Absolutely not."

I then turned to my niece and said, "You don't want him, Shelbie, fine. He's mine then. I'll take care of him for the rest of his life, and he won't have to worry about being dumped off somewhere by an idiot."

(I don't like my ex-brother-in-law very much, if you can't tell.)

Anyway, that was 11 years ago, and he's been my l'il bud ever since.

Even if he DOES try my patience sometimes.

4209735 i hate people that throw away dogs and cats like their garbage

4209761 i don't get the reason why would they do that,first off why even buy them and second they wasted money on it

4209764 That makes two of us.

Although, as I said, it was my BROTHER who bought Pedro for $250.00, not my ex-sister-in-law, OR Cecil, so I guess that THEY didn't care one way or the other.

Wasn't THEIR money, so why should THEY care what happened to the dog in question?

Me, though? I'M a horse of another color.

I hate that kind of thing!

4209780 if i was you i would leave them marks on their faces...the relatives not the dog

4209790 Oh, I did.:ajsmug:

And they AIN'T relatives to us anymore, so that's even better.

4211217 pets are people too

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