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Top Four Favorite OCs To Write · 4:09am Sep 14th, 2016

The term "OC" has been winced at throughout the fandom community. Some are very interesting characters with memorable personalities, and some are cringey Mary Sues that serve as a self insert for the author. Lately I've been taken an interest in roleplaying and most of the time, I can't bring myself to roleplay an already existing character so, I've made a few of my own. I'm counting down the top four favorite characters to role-play.

4. The Mad Hattress (Penelope Ivory/Paula Snow) (From An Overwatch RP)

The Mad Hattress was inspired by characters such as Harley Quinn or Jinx from League Of Legends in that she's, in every sense of the word, psycho. I tried not to make her too edgy or murderous and gave her more of a cartoonish style. Hattress can easily be defined as a harmless villain, though I am planning for her to show off what a threat she can be in the future. She cracks jokes, she has a lot of fun weapons, like her strings and energy cannon. Plus I got to bring back one of my favorite weapons, the Golden Beauty, a sword that could turn into a musket from a previous RP. However I particularly liked her backstory. Paula Snow was an overly shy girl who seeks hypnotherapy to become confident. The hypnotist succeeds but worded it wrong enough to make her crazy. It's a bit of a stretch, but with a name like Mad Hattress, you kind of expect these things. Fun, maniacal and blasting off again, Hattress puppeteers her way to number 5.


3. The Advanced Navigation Artificial Intelligence (ANAI) (From a Space RP)

ANAI is the villain that always manages to come back. She's persistent and in my eyes, quite terrifying if she wasn't so nerfed recently. ANAI goes from being a regular computer, to a love interest, to an unstable monster, to a scheming villain, to a useful ally. She was initially based on what would happen if Claptrap and GLaDOS had a lovechild. ANAI is cold and conniving but also joking and seductive. Depending on what side she's on, she can make your life heaven or hell. I think how much she changes every time she comes back is what makes her one of my favorite characters.


2. Paula Crainius (Multiverse RP)

Paula is a demon child. Born artificially by a lustful Machiavellian trickster, Paula is either very cute or very terrifying. She was given tentacles to make her more interesting, which is usually where the sexy parts come from. Yes, Paula is in an ecchi rp. Don't judge. Paula is a bit of a whiny brat but as much of a trickster as her father. She's usually innocent but in a way that she kind of knows what's going on and how to control it. Plus she gets to make ecchi weapons. That's always fun.


1. Nightmare (Trixieverse, Multiverse, others)

I may be cheating on this because Nightmare wasn't really an original characters as much as me adapting an already existing character, that being Nightmare Moon. I made her this sort of experiment that went horribly right and fed off of...kinks. It's a weird premise but works in the situation that it's given. Her character originated from Trixieverse, which had the same problems as the Star Wars prequels. I was given not that many limits to what I could do and just thought whatever I thought would work. It didn't. Nightmare was revived in Multiverse as the main villain but an main protagonist at the same time. She would joke around, provide a great threat, and do really kinky shit. I mean, she possesses people and makes them do stuff li-
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And basically she really has fun with her job. I feel I can write her best because I put my hidden personality as a sadist in her. She is the definition of sadist, she loves seeing people hurt because she feeds on the stuff. In my opinion, she's just a blast to write and one of my favorite characters of all time.

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