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  • Sunday
    Weight loss update.

    Dropped pound #15 this morning.

    Down from 285 to 270 in five weeks and two days.

    Too bad I can't celebrate with food. I suppose I could, and then go jog around the block in this 98 degree heat.

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  • Saturday

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  • Friday
    Kindred Pairs - Chapter 11

    Just about done here. Good thing, too, because I've got another story in a different franchise that won't leave my imagination alone.

    Kindred Pairs - Chapter 11 (

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  • Thursday
    Multiverse Theory

    Just wanted to put out the possibility, that somewhere out there, there is an alternate universe where Rick Astley did indeed give you up.

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  • Thursday
    Best Sonic Gal?

    I'll be honest, I know just over half of these chicks.

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Better Dragon Slaying Music · 10:18pm Sep 13th, 2016

In my anticipation of Skyrim Remastered, I've actually been listening more to Skyrim's soundtrack than Witcher 3's.

One thing I can't decide is which piece of dragon fighting music I like better; One They Fear or Watch The Skies.

If I remember correctly, One They Fear is the first one, and the one based on the main theme. It plays for the first dragon at the Whiterun watchtower, which you may or may not be prepared for. In my opinion, this one is the more heroic of the two, where you pretty much have a handle on things. This music starts, and you unsheathe your sword, bow, or spells of choice, and get ready to kick some ass.

Watch The Skies is far, far more perilous in my opinion. Much more appropriate when you level up to the point where a new breed of dragon appears, and the fight isn't as one-sided; or perhaps it is, but not in your favor. Indeed, the times I remembered this song was when I was fighting a dragon where I was healing and running far more than I was actually fighting back. I also think this was playing when I encountered my one (and only, so far) Legendary Dragon at Level 77.

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I prefer One They Fear.

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