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  • 260 weeks
    Epilogue - Author's Notes

    tl;dr: The color of a Unicorn’s magic is as unique as one of our finger prints. To see a room colored just so would be reassuring to a Unicorn in trouble.


    The Friendship Express: sometimes I forget just how young the target age is for this show.

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  • 260 weeks
    The Southern Orchard - Author's Notes

    tl;dr: Don’t buck apple trees if you’re tired. You’re liable to pull something.


    What would it be like to not cast a shadow? Hold your hand up over your face to block the sun. Can you still see the light source? If so, how do you see through your hand? If not, how is the skin immediately around your eyes illuminated? I mean, magic, sure. But how?


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  • 260 weeks
    Mini Guide: Getting Featured

    Getting a story featured is a combination of reader count, likes vs. dislikes, age, and momentum. This means get lots of readers fast, and get them to like and comment. For subsequent chapters, you want the original readers to watch and favorite the story so they’ll be notified right away when you update.

    How to get lots of readers fast:

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  • 262 weeks
    Do not Fuck with Apples - Author's Notes

    tl;dr: There’s a reason there’s only one apple farm in all of Ponyville, and it ain’t because they’re lacking in space or demand.


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  • 264 weeks
    Betrayal - Author's Notes



    I’m nervous. I’m really nervous. Not about Chapter 14 — that’s easy. Slam Dunk. Straight Value. I’m scared because I’m not finished Chapter 15 and I’ve only got a month left. It’s gotta be good. It’s gotta carry its weight. It’s gotta follow Chapter 14 — a tough requirement if ever — and I’m not sure that it does, yet.

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Depths - Author's Notes · 12:50am Sep 13th, 2016

tl;dr: Even the toughest of us are afraid of the dark, of being trapped and held back, but usually it’s secretly a fear of weakness.


If you like survival-adventure, make sure you read Mother of Invention by zaponator. I referenced it when I needed to describe Rose and Daring exploring underground, but it's also my go-to example for when I need a character to fuck up so completely that the reader can see it coming from about forty seconds away, but will still wait and watch because he needs to know.

Seriously. No spoilers, but I only figured out what had happened to Applejack just before watching it happen. I actually gasped.


I think I'm going to be featured on Equestria Daily! I'm not sure I deserve it, given the quality of other submissions and the frequent errors in my chapters, but the reviewer gave me some great feedback and, after I updated the first chapters, said it was good enough.

Also, reading through some of the other reviews in the same thread shows a fair number of mistakes that other authors make. It's comforting to know it's not just me!


Twilight, you’re really starting to get into the swing of things. Not only have you gotten them excited, scared, curious—you’re giving them feels.

And, Dash, you're right. Unicorns do pull shit like this. It’s, like, their job.


If you're worried that these author's notes are getting short, it's just the chapter. The next chapter will have more notes, I predict. So far, we've had

* brawling and general violence;

* swearing and bad language; and

* innuendo and dirty jokes.

To be totally honest, there's never enough dirty jokes or innuendo--or explosions or swearing or action, either. But next chapter we introduce some poetry, and possibly some bad decisions.


The next chapter, titled either The Riddles of the Magnet Sphinx or Shattered Bedrock, will be released in two weeks.

Preread by Daetrin. Cover art by Foxinshadow. Alternate cover art by Diremuffin.


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Wow never thought I'd see that title screen ever again brings me esy back and makes me feel old with how far back I have to go :ajsleepy:

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