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    I promised a blog showing off art. It is about time I deliver on that. As the title says, one of these is an OC/ponysona/whatever the cool kids call them. There aren't any spectacularly big spoilers in any of them, though I'll just throw it out there that there are some original characters and the like. Check them out below the break. At the very end of showing off the pretty pony pictures that

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    Today is the birthday of my friend Curify. He released a wholesome story about the miracle of birf and discussing a variety of other tasty snack foods.

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AMA answers! · 3:33pm Sep 11th, 2016

[Mandatory comment from some weirdo]

You're fabulous.

Question. What kind of bear is best?

I like black bears because they are the ones you can't escape.

What's a drangus?

They're kinda like danguses and dinguses.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Shadow clones. I can exploit the heck out of these. There might be a few others I'd like too, but this one is fun to get inventive with. I could write so much more... :raritystarry:

Will I finally get a logical explanation towards why I am a Jar of Yogurt? And also a faget...

You might.

...But did you really think I'd be the one to give it to you?

When will you finally incorporate best jerk Miss Harshwhinny into a fic?

You spelled Sombra wrong.

What is your personal favourite thing that you have written? Why?

Favorable Alignment. I've been planning it for two years and yet it never ceases to surprise me at times. It's long and epic and everything I could ever want to read, and I hope everyone else likes it too as they watch everything come together.

That and there's some dang good horse shipping.

This story is the one fic to rule them all, and even I wonder if a future story will manage to step up to it as an equal. It's like a swan song but it's far from my last work, merely a sign of all to come.

Cake or Pie?

Wait, I was supposed to choose? I just ate them both.

How's Cthulu doing?

He's sad summer's over but is looking forward to Hanukkah, as always. Truthfully, I'm just glad he won't being keeping those tacky flamingos displayed so obviously in his part of the Void for months.

What is your favourite non-horseword book?

As a smol eldritch demon I loved the Warrior cat books and this one novel called The Underneath and whatever books with Unicorns being epic I could obtain, as well as Greek myths and lots of stuff about Ye Olde England historical fiction or just history. I also had a curious penchant for Native American legends as well (also poetry and other myths). Now, I really like Rick Riordon's 9I prolly spelled that wrong) books, The Inheritance Cycle, and Shakespeare. I'll read lots of almost anything (less than I used to now that I write so much) but those are what really stuck out as favorites. I also like Khaled Hosseini's books even though they are really heavy stuff at times. Jeez. Stupid Fake Sunlight by Norris F. Aget is okay, I guess.

I can also be seen reading manga every now and then...:derpytongue2:

It's not like I hoard books or anything...

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What is your favourite non-horseword book?

Never heard about those books that you've quoted, but my favourite books are Labyrinth of Evil and Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader. James Luceno is one of my favourite authors.

4204926 Why is the maze evil?

Outside of the whole Minotaur thing...

4204932 Darth Sidious crafted a web of lies and deception; masquerading as Chancellor Palpatine in the pubic eye while dictating the flow of the Force and the Clone Wars as himself, all the while eluding the Jedi's suspicion yet remaining under their nose the entire time. The entire story focuses on the Jedi's efforts to unmask Darth Sidious, yet his secret identity remains a secret until the third episode due to his ability to stay one step ahead of them.

It's evil because, well, it's the Dark Side.

He choose to follow the path of the Dark Side and become another Sith Lord in that followed the Rule of Two. By using a massive army and a planet-destroying superweapon to enforce his rule, he's shown that he's not exactly a kind ruler.

4204952 What if he just had a bad day?

4204956 Then he fries a random stormtrooper to a crisp.

Shadow clones sound awesome!

4204966 It was probably just a Monday.

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