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Feel lonely? Need an editor? A proofreader? Somebody to talk to? Write me. I've been detached from this fandom, I want to make up for it.

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  • 28 weeks
    Small update

    Hello everybrony!

    So, two months ago I posted a blog and announced my comeback. What did I do in the meantime?

    Well, I actually got some fanfics done.

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  • 40 weeks
    Back alright, back again...

    What a crazy year, huh?

    TL;DR: I'm about to point what I scumbag I am for leaving the fandom (also my readers, and the writers I'm helping) without a care in the world.
    Seriously, I'm sorry.

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  • 115 weeks
    Just rambling... also, new update

    So, I finally published that damn Chapter 9. Other pain is out for all Sunset fans.

    Also, I'm liking S9 a lot up till now. And Rainbow Roadtrip is on youtube.

    I just hope it won't be another two years of hyatus.
    I have a ton to do.

    This chapter is a turning point. Both the best and the worst I've written so far. And there's much more to reach next.

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  • 145 weeks
    Continuing an "old" story.

    Hello everybrony.:pinkiehappy:
    So, I've finally found a way to be consistent again (300 words per day average, for now) and now I'm set on continuing my work with Other.

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  • 148 weeks
    A new update (finally)

    Hello everybrony:pinkiesmile:

    So, I went back into writing (whoever is waiting for 'Other', half the chapter is done)
    and I have a new short comedy about Apple Bloom swearing a lot.:applecry:
    I just need a proofreader/editor for the final touch, and I can update
    if I can't find anybody, I'll publish someday the next week.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! · 5:28pm Sep 9th, 2016

Hello, Everybrony!

Remember my last story?
Remember my last post when I said that the rating was on a spree?
Remember when I said 'No downvote so far'?
Well, it had to come to an end I guess. The actual score is 35-1.:applecry: But hey, I gathered 35 likes before a negative rating so yay.
Still, my reaction was the one that you read in the title. I know, I shouldn't care. I'll go on and write the third chapter.

Report andrizzi · 220 views · Story: Other · #random #reaction
Comments ( 6 )

I have 10 thumbs up and 3 thumbs down on my story... I get how you feel but please, Pull yourself together Sugarcube :ajbemused:

I have 10 up and 11 down on one and 29 up and 10 on the other pull yourself together and get over it. :facehoof:

It's unfortunate, but you just can't keep every single viewer happy. I'm sure I'll feel something similar when I finally get a dislike on my work. 36-2 is still a pretty good ratio, though. That's like, one in twenty people who disliked it.

36 - 2? What are you talking abo...
[Checks the story]

Anyway, you're all right, and as I said we don't have to think about that for several reasons. I saw a lot of good stories getting demolished by unfair ratings and, besides, mine a pretty good. Still, this spree was giving me a good charge. And being a primadonna(drama queen) can be fun, ask Rarity :raritywink:.

4200878 I do admit waiting for someone to get back to you on editing is a bit of a bother but, I don't see why every one gets so upset over the dislikes tabs if you are in it just to get likes they well I have to say it you are on the wrong site. That person needs to just grow up and deal with it not everyone will like her or his story and that is simply a fact of life. Yeah it sucks when you get a dislike but, here is how i look at it.

If you want only likes on your story go some place else if however you are here to write and little else then stay and enjoy the world of writing but, don't throw a fit just because you got one or two or eve six hundred dislikes.

And I don't mean you and you that are reading this my reply posting foxhelm I mean you as in general as in someone else that might actually read this post.

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