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Out of Context Screenshot Theater #484! · 4:35am Sep 6th, 2016

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The Littlest Conspiracy Theorists?

The littlest pets seem to have been watching a bit too much conspiracy theorist videos about aliens controlling us on YouTube. They're already here! You're next, you're next!:trollestia:

"The truth is out there."

Following the end of the Littlest Pet Shop, the actors were overjoyed to find out that they would receive new jobs as Hershey's Kisses.

This joy did not last long.

4194722 Largest Ever Pet Shop is an inside job!

Russell "We need these so the aliens won't take our brains."
Blythe: *giggles* "But there is nothing to take."
All: "Hey!"

"You know, aluminum actually boosts government-controlled frequencies—"
"She's one of them! Get her!"

Dammit, Shyamalan! :facehoof:

Blythe: "That's it! No more History Channel marathons for you guys!"

Pets: "No mind control!"
Blythe: "What did you guys watch?!"

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