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Vampires? · 3:18pm Sep 4th, 2016

Just a short questionnaire.

How do you lot feel about vampire stories on fimfiction?

Comments ( 18 )

True, true... I was just wondering how you all felt about vampires in general as well...
I may or may not be back after my break and possibly working on one :moustache:

They suck.
Geddit? :facehoof:

They tend to be, also I'm just now noticing your avatar...

I'm back... for now anyways, maybe, IDK. hehe.
I like writing zombie stuff... a lot... its like... one of my most favorite things, alongside anything apocalyptic or war related... that and romance, odd combinations eh?

Ooooh that was so bad, but I laughed harder then I should have, hehehe.

As long as they don't sparkle, I'm fine with them. But you would never do that...right...? Please don't do that.

Not my type of monster, I tend to like werewolves myself.

She's certainly... eye catching :moustache:

True that boyo :rainbowdetermined2:

Hahaha, trust me... I'm not a big fan of Twilight Vampires, but I do want to watch it just to see how horrible it is. The CinimaSins video of those movies are hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

As an addendum to my earlier hilarity, I did quite enjoy True Blood when it was on (though the last few seasons left something to be desired) but I'm not sure a crossover with MLP would work... Sees if anyone's up to the challenge

:rainbowlaugh: hahaha, I bet you would hehehe.

Oooo, True Blood was pretty good... even though I only saw the one episode :rainbowlaugh: But hell, I'd read it.

mild don't mind as long as it doesn't involve saintism/devil worshoping

Pfft... I'ma not write that, I'ma just write blodsucking vampires 8'D''

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