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Deleting my adult stories. · 7:21am Sep 4th, 2016

I'll try to keep this brief.
I'm not open about it on here, since I've always separated my internet life from my daily life, but I am a Christian (non denominational) and I've come to realize that there are parts of my life I've kept that out of, that I should not have. I'm not saying I should be writing stories about ponies going to church, but there are a few of my stories which do not reflect my faith in Christ and the ideals I uphold as a man of God. I've decided recently to remove things from my life that tempt me to sin, and one of those things is these stories.

I know some of you may not see the point, or may be upset that "religion has silenced another writer" and that's your prerogative. I just thought I should let you know, should you wish to hang on to it, since I will be destroying my work. In 24 hours, I will be deleting "Pink Walls" "A Pinch of Paprika" and "Lightning and Thunder" from my page, as well as the Google Documents I wrote them on. I do not despise them—to the contrary, it is because I love them so much that they must go—rather what they represent, and what they are. I have come to learn that Lust is one of my greatest flaws, and in an effort to control it, I must remove anything that tempts me with it, and these are from my own hand, so they must go.

To continue would be to talk in circles, so I will end this here.

Comments ( 24 )

I'd like to point out that those stories could also be a form of relief. I find writing can be very therapeutic. If deleting them helps, then I'm happy for you, but I hate seeing hard work disappear.

It is a shame to see such hard work and dedication destroyed, but they were for a lustful purpose, and something I do not wish to hang on to. I can still devote skill and hard work to other things, such as building a world for an original work of fiction I'm writing.

If I may ask; what ideals do these stories violate, exactly?

Does this mean you'll be doing away with all vore-related stuff for the foreseeable future?

If so, that's very disappointing to hear. I understand why, of course, you just are a very talented vore writer.

Strictly speaking, "building a world for an original work of fiction" could be vore-related. Most world building is fundamentally sex-related, usually rape-related, and sometimes incest-related, without being necessarily "adult" in what I hope is the sense BR means.

It's ultimately up to what they feel safe with and want to do, of course.


Most world building is fundamentally sex-related, usually rape-related,

Okay… what? :rainbowhuh:

Thank you. I wasn't expecting such a response.

Technically? None. However they fuel lustful thoughts, and that is something I want to rid myself of. The solution? Destroy the source, until such a time as I can get a handle on myself. I would hold onto copies of my works to preserve them, but that would allow me access to them, which defeats the purpose of removing them in the first place. It's a shame, but I must be willing to let go if I am to cleanse myself.

Thank you, and yes, for the foreseeable future (as much as Rainstream hates me for it) I will produce no further vore works.


Most world building is fundamentally sex-related

Dudewhat? :rainbowhuh:


However they fuel lustful thoughts, and that is something I want to rid myself of.

But why? Lust is a natural human emotion that everyone experiences. Do you really think God hates you for being human?

God does not hate me for my humanity. Quite the contrary, but lust is a very disracting emotion, and I can waste a lot of time pursuing it aimlessly, which causes me to lose focus on him, and Satan would love nothing more than for me to lose focus on God, perhaps even lose my passion for the Lord, maybe someday walk away. I need to stay focused on him, and study his word, and keep him a priority in my life. Furthermore, if I let lust begin to control me, I may be inclined to commit sinful acts if given the opportunity, and I would not forgive myself if that happened. I wish to remain faithful.

Non-christians have every reason to hang on to lust, but I have every reason to quell it.

Every emotion is a potential distraction if you let it take over. Controlling your emotions doesn't necessarily need to mean trying to remove them entirely.

4191517 4191529
Sexually reproducing species play a defining role in most fictional worlds. Most fictional species aren't perfectly angelic, and so sometimes produce individuals who want to rape. Are the details and consequences of this and what decisions individuals and societies make in response to these facts not something that you eventually have to address if you want to flesh out a world in sufficient detail?

Of course, by those arguments vore is just as ubiquitous, if not more so. Just look at Jurassic Park; a full-scale Hollywood-blockbuster vore franchise. But friendly endosoma-type soft vore like Pink Walls seems (though I could be wrong) a lot rarer in non-fetish-driven fiction; even though it should naturally follow from the existence of sapient creatures with sufficient size difference and basic curiosity. Admittedly, it's not as setting-definingly consequential as sex; but it still seems like there's untapped potential there that a good writer could explore, if only they could shake the fetish stigma.

Of course, there's no reason BR needs to be that writer, especially if they're not comfortable with the risks.

BR, maybe you could elaborate on how you define "adult stories" and "vore-related" and how the new work you're planning won't be either? And/or, what would be an example of a popular fictional world that you'd consider not sex-related?

So when you say most world-building is fundamentally sex-related, you mean it in the same sense that most world-building could be said to be fundamentally tree-related, and fundamentally rock related, and fundamentally atmosphere-related; that is, the really broad definition of ‘related’ where you can relate anything if you try hard enough.

...I mean, most fiction does involve characters and societies employing tools and technology made either of stone or using metal refined out of stone. (By male creatures who were conceived sexually, and who were probably working to earn money to attract a mate, to provide for a mate and/or offspring, or because they were forced to work by someone else with those goals.) Maybe rocks aren't the best example.

It's world-building. The whole point is to try to explore and flesh out all the different aspects of a world and work out how they connect and relate.

It's comparatively easy to imagine a world where the only life evolved in a planet-wide ocean with a frozen surface, like Europa. No atmosphere and probably no trees.

The point is precisely that the word "related" does have a broad definition (or at least meaning). So, what precisely does 4191339 mean by "vore-related stuff"? Apparently it's close enough to "vore stories likely to inspire lust in BleedingRaindrops" to be cause for concern; but not synonymous with it, or the question would already be answered.

I'll concede that my comment didn't really add anything to the thread, and that I probably should've just let BR answer Vorea's question.

I feel obligated to inform you that imgur pics still don't work on Fimfiction. :fluttercry:

they do if you reformat them.

…How'd you do that? :applejackconfused:

heehee, it's all about understanding the system. Fimfiction looks for a url format commonly seen on images. Imgur uses a slightly different format that is different enough that Fimfiction can't read it. All I do is modify the syntax so that Fimfiction can read it.

I removed a piece of the URL that was fudging the link. it's easier to do if you do it while the image preview is up.

Gotta congratulate you on making your life more consistent with your beliefs and working to avoid temptation. Takes guts to admit this in public! orig03.deviantart.net/341c/f/2013/056/f/4/clapping_pony_icon___shining_armor_by_taritoons-d5w67ti.gif

Thanks. Part of me wants to hope that someone saved a copy during the 24 hours warning I gave, because those stories were part of me, and I loathe to destroy something I've created. But I've felt so much better since I did it, and I really did need to remove them to stop myself from trying to come back. It's sad, but it needed to be done.

Okay so, I've regained control over myself, and I'm realizing I totally went about this in the wrong way. I don't suppose anyone felt the need to save a copy of any of my stuff before I deleted it?

Missed this before somehow; sorry.


You'll have to refer to Fimfarchive for Lightning and Thunder.

Oh thank goodness. I was about to attempt a rewrite from scratch

Still doesn't work for me.

yeah, it doesn't seem to work anymore.

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