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Punctual, entertaining, enigmatic and humorous. Those terms are best applied to others. However, these do a good job of describing me: absentminded, long-winded, reclusive and strange.

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  • 73 weeks
    A Quick Question

    First, a mandatory apology. I’ve been - well, gone’s not quite the word. Skulking is more apt, I think. My heart was so set on doing stuff with the one story I’ve got posted here that I never even thought anything could interrupt that. Well, as life is wont to do, it got in the way. Now it’s... what, one, two years later (?) and I started thinking about updating.

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    Saw My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) (Western Animation)

    It's pretty good.

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    √A = emotion

    Well, I finally got around to watching the last episode of Tokyo Ghoul √A as a way to cleanse my mind after that episode of MLP that freaked me out so much. I know that it sounds like I'm doing things the wrong way around, but there honestly isn't that much gore in the series, and everything about ELTSD rubbed me up the wrong way.

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  • 163 weeks

    Just give me a moment to gather my thoughts.

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    My Own Worst Enemy

    The next chapter of New Tricks is being written, and it's almost ready to be published from an objective standpoint. There's just one problem: it's clinical, cold and efficient. It's got no soul and no heart of which to speak, just a tangled mess of wires and electrodes that keep it going steadily in one direction with no heed for the wellbeing of individuals who have fallen to the left or right

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Pushing for four. · 7:56pm Sep 3rd, 2016

That alternate universe tag is looking very tempting right now.

The fourth chapter's up, if you wanna see it. I have no idea what was going through my head, but I decided that Apple Bloom's problem was more important than all else for the moment.

Hopefully we'll see more of her and catch up with the rest of the EoH in the next chapter, but I can't guarantee a thing. My mind's messing with my plans at the moment.

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