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How WWE Should Have Booked Reigns's Title Reign Pt. 1 · 12:03am Sep 3rd, 2016

Roman Reigns: WWE's newest babyface! The upcoming face of the company! People love him so much, right?

Er... No. Roman Reigns, as much as WWE loves him, the fans think differently, even me. Roman isn't the worst, but he definitely has some crap things about him that makes the wrestling universe go ballistic on him. His character, how he is stale, he's dry on the mic, he just wasn't championship material. Babyface hero has been hated on for a while, especially since the Royal Rumble, where fans all around despised the fact of seeing Reigns with the belt rather than Ambrose, Cesaro, or Kevin Owens. But, sucked for them, cause it happened.

Three times. Three... times... In one year... Three title reigns... This is the great face WWE wants, everyone. Yup, at Survivor Series, due to Rollins's injury, a tournament came, and Reigns won the title. Then lost it against Sheamus, ugh. Then, got it back at TLC! Then... lost it at the Rumble like a bumbling fool, leaving when he wasn't actually eliminated because... you can't be pulled under rope. But then Wrestlemania, he got the title, yay!

So, ridiculous, and people were furious. WWE was hoping the 'Roman Empire' would take down the haters, but alas, they got conquered. Poor Roman, he really has his career in the dumps. Poor title reigns for trying to shift and create a 'dominant champion', and people just couldn't take it. Roman sucked.

BUT... I could book him better. Here's my shot on how WWE should've booked... Roman Reigns's title reign.

So, where we are going to start is at Survivor Series. Reigns vs Ambrose, the final match to conclude the night. And what happens? ... Nothing. Reigns still wins clean, him and Ambrose shake on it, and Triple H comes out. He wears his blazer, comes down to the ring, and dares to offer a hand to Reigns. And the crowd looks on in. Now, Reigns hated Triple H, he didn't want to become Seth Rollins, y'know, cause he's the babyface, yay!

Though... Something different happened. With one motion, Roman Reigns... shakes Triple H's hand. Triple H bears a shocked look on his face, and the crowd goes wild with boos and cheers. And the boos are certain to be 'good ones', not like boos as in 'you suck, go home, I hope you die'. You know, harsh ones.

So, Triple H raises his hand, with the title in the air. The commentators go crazy, saying "My God, Roman Reigns just shook hands with the Authority! Did he just sign a deal with The Game? Was this planned before?" And out comes...

Dammit, Sheamus! So, the Celtic Warrior rushes in, Roman backs up, Hunter leaves the ring, and Sheamus comes in. Roman tries to file in a Superman punch, but Sheamus ducks, bouncing off the ropes to hit a Brogue Kick. Then, he cashes in. The crowd goes absurd! And it's official: Sheamus cashed in. So, when Sheamus lines up for a brogue kick, he runs up, gets ready... And is served by Triple H. A mean kick in the gut, pedigree, and the match ends in DQ. In case you never knew, cash-in matches don't have no DQ, it's just like a normal match. So, Reigns wins, Sheamus is on the floor, and the crowd boos even more. End show.

Next night on Raw, Triple H comes out with Reigns, who is wearing the usual attire, but his symbol is red. Triple H states out that Reigns has indeed joined the Authority, joined sides with him, and that people will have to suck up with it. Then, Roman gets the mic, and explains why he joined Triple H, saying that no matter what, he just couldn't go on as champion by himself. He was tired of being booed and being called nothing but a man who sucks. Basically, almost like a Rocky Maivia promo, without as much charisma. With more rambling on Reigns's greatness and his new side, Sheamus comes out. Furious and pissed, he shouts at the two that they came away as cowards, and that it was meant to be Sheamus walking with the title, not Reigns, as discussed with Hunter. Roman, looking confused, gets answered by Hunter, who says that originally, Plan A was to get him to join. However, if it failed, they would go to Plan B: Sheamus cash-in. And so he hollers at Sheamus that he was dumb to execute the second plan and betray the Authority, technically.

Sheamus challenges Roman to a title match in the main event, and Hunter agrees, Reigns seeming surprised. Later on, there is an interview with Dean, where they ask what Dean thinks of Reigns turning into the Authority, which Dean shakes his head. He says that he's disappointed, and is furious on the inside seeing Reigns, a man he called a brother heading to Survivor Series, end up about like Rollins. Interview cuts. Speeding down, the main event comes, Sheamus vs Reigns for a rematch for the title. Reigns, with Hunter, comes all tough, crowd going in awe at Reigns, booing and cheering at the same time, like Rollins. Match is happening, and it looked like Sheamus has it, but later it turns to Reigns. Reigns, doing the damn job, was about to line up for a Superman punch until...

Ambrose. He doesn't bolt down to the ring, but just merely walks down. Calm, casual, eyes glared at Reigns. Roman does the same, walking up. With him leaned against the ropes, looking down at Dean, Ambrose shakes his head. Roman does his ugly snarl, but Sheamus rolls up! 1, 2, no! Barely kicks out. Triple H, by the side of Reigns, looks at Dean, but Dean keeps looking at Reigns. Fight goes on, Hunter worried that Dean will pull dirty things, and Roman and Sheamus battle out. Finally, Brogue Kick lines up, but Roman dodges, which hits the ref. He flops down like a flapjack, and Sheamus is like, 'Shit'. Roman hits him, and he's down.

Triple H chuckles, and slides in a black sledgehammer, but then suddenly, when Roman picks it up, Dean hits a wild clothesline to Triple H, and he falls down quick! Roman backs up, arming himself, and Dean slides right in, keeping distance. Soon, Roman swings, Dean moves and kicks Roman in the gut, gets a Dirty Deeds position, but is pushed harshly by Roman, flying him outside the ring. He grabs the sledgehammer, and right when Sheamus stands, boom! Sledgehammer shot, brutal and nice. He tosses it out, pins, and ref just notices the pin, and counts the three. Reigns wins.

That isn't the end, though. Dean grabs the mic, and speaks. "Roman, the hell?" He gets in, and starts talking to him, asking him why he did it. And finally, Roman answers, "I did it, because I can." And he smiles, malice dripping. Then he says, "Plus I get to have another man to the ass-kicking." Triple H is in the ring, turns Ambrose around, hits him, and serves a pedigree. He hands Roman the sledgehammer, and shouts at him to do it. "DO IT!"

And with no haste, he batters down. He hits him cold with the sledgehammer, and beats the hell out of him. He gives Dean a cut, and medical personnel come out as Dean is almost motionless. Showing the beast rising, Roman Reigns...

And that's only part one, if you enjoyed, please tell me so. Want more? Tell me so! Want to see Reigns be great... again. Tell. Me. So! Peace!

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Nice story :twilightsmile: can't wait for the next one!

4188195 There's still more to this!

I haven't watched WWE for a while because of thier bad decisions but this makes it way better! Keep up the great work :)

Niceeee! :pinkiehappy: I think Roman works better as a heel.

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