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    Well, it's been quite a while since I've spoken on here and... I really am sorry for that. Over this past year, I've been trying to push forward in my life, throwing a lot of time into my work to try and afford a home of my own (which I almost had, but at the last moment, the numbers just fell through so I had to let it go). I haven't really kept up on my writing at all outside of some friendly

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Updates for the coming months · 1:51pm Sep 2nd, 2016

Hoo, been a while since I did one of the these, right? *checks the blog updates* ....almost a year.... yikes.
Well, first off I'd like to apologize to all my readers out there on the silence over this past year. It's been, uh... let's say it's just been weird. Late last year I ended up losing a lot of my drive for writing and other things which is the main cause for all the back up on stories and I'm really sorry for not filling you all in earlier. In the meanwhile, I had found myself in a couple of role playing chatrooms where I ended up getting really involved and using most of my creative juices to come up with interesting scenarios and characters for that instead of my stories. Now, don't get upset with the people from there as they've helped me create numerous new story ideas and interesting characters that I can't wait to share with all of you in time.
Now for the fun stuff. Over this next month (September of 2016) I will focusing all of my efforts on a special writing project that I've been thinking on for the past few months. I'll be using this to get me back into the swing of things so I can hopefully return to my stories and provide everyone with better quality entertainment than I've offered before.
What is this special project, you may be asking? Well, I'm going to write a brand new story from start to finish during the month. A full length story focusing on subject matter that haunts many a' people's nightmares... including my own. Once it is complete, I will be releasing it chapter by chapter through the month of October as it will be in the theme of the season for it. Right now, the working title is P A R A N O R M A L, and will feature a group of ponies dedicated to the protection of ponies against everyone's "favorite" terrors, Creepy Pastas... yep, I'm really going there folks.... I'm not gonna be able to sleep right for weeks, I just know it.
So, from Slender Man to the Rake, from Jeff the Killer to good ol' Expressionless, I'm gonna be covering as many as I can in this upcoming project and I really hope everyone will be able to enjoy it when it comes out.
If the project is successful in returning my writing drive, then during the month of October as I release the previously mentioned story, I shall be resuming my other works and will be focusing mainly on Living My Life with Ponies!? and You, Me, Ponies, and Pokémon. Why those two? Well, it's been far too long that I've left my personal series in the dark and I have something else planned after that I have been just dying to let everyone see and the Pokémon is because this is the 20th anniversary year of the series and I'd like to get as much done on it this year as possible (maybe even adding on some to the first Pokémon story I did years ago). And while they may be the focus, I already have several other projects in the works, one specifically that I need to get out before we get rolling too far into 2017, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?
So, to all my patient readers, thank you for sticking around this long and having the want to see more of my work. It brings me great pride to see so many want to see my work, let alone more of it, and I really hope I don't let you guys down. And to those of you who read my stories that I don't hear from in the comment section, let me know what you think of it. I absolutely thrive off what I see in those comment sections of the story as it let's me know what you guys are thinking and can lead to better improvements on the story as I progress. Just a little more feedback from time to time, whether it just be how much you're enjoying the series or criticisms on how I can make things better; I love hearing from you guys and gals.
So, ladies, gentleman, and bronies of all ages, I'll see you all real soon.

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Good to have you back in action:pinkiehappy:

I honestly don't care how long your stories take, just as long as you are enjoying it while putting all your creativeness within each chapter. That what makes them so fun to read. :pinkiesmile:

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