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  • 23 weeks
    Diary Updoot 21 - 22

    Hey y'all. Finally got to write my favorite chapter. If nothing else, Ch 21 added a completely new fight sequence between Agatha and Gladas, and a better explanation to why Agatha was sitting around until the last minute, to draw a bridge to the conflict between Agatha and Harmony.

    Ch 22 got minor edits to flow better and link with the previous chapter's exposition better.

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  • 25 weeks
    Diary Updoot 19 - 20

    Chapter 19, Birdwatcher, has been cleaned up, and updated to follow the changes of 16 - 18. Twilight adds commentary.

    Chapter 20 is unchanged outside of small grammatical edits.

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  • 29 weeks
    Diary updoot 16 - 18

    Hey, y'all. Was going to update this in December, but instead I spent time doodling SA art. Hopefully there's enough of its fans here too to see it

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  • 42 weeks
    Diary updoot

    Whoops, did that really take 5 months?

    Anyways, chapters 13 - 15 have been updated. 13 is basically an overhaul of that entire event, 14 is a filler chapter, while 15 is just a touch up to make it more thematically in line with the new material.

    I also gave up on dates because I realized even I don't really pay attention to those.

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Bonus Chapter to Doom Horse: Doom PMV (not really) · 3:39am Sep 2nd, 2016

(Not exactly sure if fan songs fall under the whole no lyrics thing, so just to be safe, I'm linking it off to the side.)
Link to Fic

Wake up, I'm a bullet loosed
Into the heart of a wretched age

The Doom Horse pulled the trigger, spraying buckshot over the surprised Demon’s head.

I breathe just to beat and bruise
An evolution of the burnin' rage

She leapt forwards, a pulled back hoof smashing into the chest of her foe, spraying gore everywhere.

Berserk, I'm a brutal fist
Yeah a lone wolf born and bred
I stand on the bones of titans
And my wrath is burnin' lead

She ran behind a pillar, rolled to grab a double-barreled shotgun, then loaded two shells.

Click click Boom Boom

A zombified guard bounced back from the blast.

Gonna get mine, get outta my way
There's gonna be
(Gonna be!)
Gonna be hell to pay!

She darted forwards before it could topple over. A blade shot out of her arm, and she slammed it home in a stab-punch combo. Without looking, a bladed wing snapped out of her back and impaled a Pinkie. She gave it a hated look.

Click click
Boom boom!

Buckshot fired at point blank.

Keep rushing and running, running
The drumming of the buckshot pumpin'
Got molten metal in my veins

She ran to a cliff and jumped. Wings grew and snapped open, soaring above the hellish landscape. She pulled the chaingun out, teeth bared as the turret mod spooled up. Bullets rained like rain from Hell.

Gonna get mine, get outta my way
There's gonna be
(Gonna be!)
Gonna be

Gonna get mine, get outta my way
There's gonna be
(Gonna be!)
Gonna be hell to pay!

I was bored.
Actual song:

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