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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Would you give Pinkie Pie a can of Red Bull? · 9:06pm Sep 1st, 2016

Just to see how crazy she would become?

Report Bendy · 248 views · #Red bull #Pinkie Pie
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Comments ( 12 )

The universe would not survive Pinkie Pie on Red Bull. I wouldn't even give her a cup of regular coffee.

Yes I would. The I would follow her and see ware the train wreck happens.

Red Bull + Poprocks + Discord.

Yes but first I'd move her deep into the Everfree Forest.

Why not two redbulls?! Or maybe three! Or, or-- *Sounds of Universal Destruction*

A big gulp of five hour energy.

How about no. Who knows how she will tear the universe apart.

I'd give her Speed and cocaine......mixed with Cracker Barrel syrup.

I don't think the world could handle her sugar rush.

I actually wrote out a story on what I think would happen :rainbowlaugh:
Pinkie 'Overdrive' Pie

But honestly? Yes... yes I would do it, just to see what would break :pinkiecrazy:

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