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Important canon info involving Tales of Littlepip and future Fallout: Equestria stories · 3:59pm Sep 1st, 2016

Hello bronies and pegasisters, it's Arctech here with a bit of a... discussion of sorts (I guess?). So, we're continuing through Tales of Littlepip, with the next chapter currently being worked on. When I started working on this chapter, I got to thinking about which mlp episodes I'm going to include in the story in the future, which then led to me thinking about one of my favorite fallout: Equestria side stories.

Project Horizons by Somber.

It was a lengthy and great story, and it will definetly be canon in this one. However, there is one part that I don't fully like and will not be making canon in this story, the ending. Now I won't spoil it or anything like that, but there were a few things that I wish had been changed. It was still great none the less, but I wanted a different ending. While some of you probably won't like this, it's my decision and I think this is the better choice. Heck, Somber even said that people could ignore the epilouge. There's also going to be a couple of parts that aren't in the ending that I'm going to change too. So this is how it will go (warning, spoilers for Project Horizons):

The zebra clone army has been defeated. When Blackjack wakes up from the final battle, she finds herself in the clone body of herself, but it's different. When the final battle with the legate and tokomare ended, leftover magic seeped through out the Hoofington region, not only curing it of much of it's remaining taint and background radiation, but in the end helping certain ponies, like Blackjack. Here, it helped transformed the clone body fully to that of the original mare, bringing her cutie mark back and erasing the taint from her, an act that took a week. P-21 died like in the original story, and Rampage was left behind on the moon. However, Glory managed to barely survive and is making a decent recovery. Scotch tape, Boo, and Laucunae were the same as before. When she gave birth, Grace gave both of the children back to Blackjack, who named them Vigilant Heart and Dawn Poker.

After that, it mostly goes the same way as it did in the canon ending, the city rebuilds itself and soon becomes the Lunar Commonwealth. The council is created and Grace becomes it's first citizen. Blackjack mostly retires from adventures and settles down with Glory, their kids, and scotch tape in Chapel. Boo lives with them too for a while before becoming smart enough to be her own mare, and soon leaves to explore the wasteland. Laucunae joins the Lunar military as a trainer and helps train the first generation of military snipers. Also, while some stayed behind, the majority of the Thunderhead Enclave moved their city away from the Hoof.

Well, that's pretty much it. If their's anything I missed, then it's likely either the same as before or changed to fit this. I likely did miss a few points I wanted to say because I'm writing this late at night and early morning. That's all I got, so I'll see you all later!

Stay determined folks!

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