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80th post - What's this? · 3:35am Sep 1st, 2016

Employment? UGH! I hate being an adult!

So... a little over two weeks ago, I submitted an application to get a job with Jinxy and MomCord at their security contracting firm (which shall remain nameless for the time being), and two weeks ago, I got an interview... And by interview, I actually mean that their boss had me in to chat and fill out paperwork to get the ball rolling on me having a job there. He skipped all the usual interview questions because he knows Jinxy and MomCord's work ethic and presumed I would be more of the same (a lot to assume, all things considered, but not entirely wrong). Now, I'd applied basically to work for MomCord, because worst case, they'd shunt me over to somewhere else because of MomCord potentially being my direct supervisor. Whatever, right? Well... After point-blank telling the guy my relationship to MomCord, he still had me go to the steel mill where MomCord is the Site Supervisor. :derpyderp2: O-... Okay! I won't complain! Means I know approximately what to expect! Okay! Awesome...

And because this is a security officer position, they had to do a background check, of course... But surprisingly enough, I got called into the office AGAIN two days later to finish processing. :applejackconfused: That... Was ABSURDLY fast... But okay!

Pre-Assignment training on Saturday, and MomCord put me on the books to start training last Monday... :derpyderp1: This is all well and good except for the fact that training happens during the supervisor's shift... And MomCord works 6am-2pm... And if you all, my dear readers, know me at all, you'll understand the agony that I, the quintessential night owl, experienced trying to adjust my sleep pattern so I would wake up at 0430, rather than stay up until then.

I was initially anticipating four days of training, so Monday through Thursday... She'd already slated me for the Friday overnight shift, which would mean yet another painful sleep schedule adjustment... Except by Wednesday, I was doing pretty much everything by myself, and MomCord called my training done with the Steel Mill's security liason's blessing. This was also partly because the night-shift guy, who I shall dub Zee (because he does bear a rather striking resemblance to that character from Why the Streak Siblings can't have Nice Things) had fallen asleep twice on shift during his Tuesday-Wednesday shift (10pm Tues - 6am Wed). :twilightangry2:

So I, being the insane person I am, said that if Zee was removed from the steel mill, I'd take over his shifts starting Thursday night... :pinkiecrazy:

This resulted in me working for 9 shifts - and 9 or 10 days - straight (Last Monday until this morning)... :fluttershyouch: Needless to say, I've been stressed out of my mind, and while I managed to make it through the Deep End of Here There Be Monsters, I'm SUPER glad that I have tonight and tomorrow night off... Because Dear Sweet Bouncing Baby Buddha on a POGO STICK, did I need the break...

Massive shout out to my Trolls who have kept me sane (by my standards anyway) through the very boring overnight shifts. Yes, I know I said it was stressful, and it sounds like it being boring on shift would run counter to that, but my brain has funny wiring and it was stressful because "OMG I HAVE TO WORK AND I REALLY DUNWANNA BUT I HAVE TO OR MOMCORD'LL HAVE MY HIDE NAILED TO THE OFFICE DOOR AND FIANCÉ WILL BE DISAPPOINTED IN ME AND WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

Yeah... my brain is wired weird. YAY FOR ANXIETY DISORDERS!!! :raritycry:

Anyhow... yeah... so that's what's new with me... I wish I could give you all an ETA (even a soft one) on the sequel to my stories, but I have NO idea whether I'll even be able to write it, never mind start writing it.

Love and Light all!

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We were more than happy to keep your company, Captain :ajsmug:

Even though I had some real life problems to deal with, it was the least I could do to keep you company for as long as I was able :pinkiehappy:

It sounds like your life has defiantly changed for the better enjoy it now will you can, trust me getting old sucks every thing just hearts.

Oh... I am WELL aware that getting older sucks... Especially when I continue to find myself surrounded by young whippersnappers still in their twenties and teens...

4186936 lol to me you are the whippersnappers still in their 30es & 40es

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