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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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General update · 1:35am Sep 1st, 2016

Hey folks...

Just a general update. I've started a new job, but being an IT developer for a large bank means that the standards are much stricter and I can't Skype from it. It also means I can't install any nonstandard software on my box, and that includes chat software like Skype, so I can't talk during the day, unfortunately.

The next TLaTU chapter currently stands at 5,000 words and change. The problem is, I'm not finding much time or energy to work on it right now. New job is consuming most of my mental energy, and I'm thinking maybe I need a break from the story anyway. I'm just not enjoying writing right now, and that's not a good thing when you're doing so out of obligation and not love. And truth be told... heavy M-rated chapters like that last one do somehow take a lot out of me. I've done four TLaTU chapters in a row now, and perhaps I've burned out on it a bit.

I want to finish it, but I want to do it right. I have the broad outline of the remainder of the trial and its aftermath in mind, but it's just not coming easily right now, and I think it's best I stop for a bit. I may need to shift to another story for at least a couple chapters. Rise of Firefly is the obvious choice, but at the same time, I need to work on Five Star Service as well after ten months away from it. Whatever I do will be worked on this long holiday weekend (Labor Day in the US), but I fear the pace of new chapters is going to slow in general if I can't work on things from work safely. Instead of cubicles they have an open floorplan which is now favored for 'agile' software development but means I can't surf or write without other people seeing. I'm not going to complain for the hefty raise the new job gives me, but priorities must hold. New job has it right now, and writing gets what's left over.

Bottom line--I will not be available online during the day for the most part during the week from here on out, and my writing is going to be slower for the foreseeable future. I have every intention of continuing and eventually finishing my stories, but you're going to have to bear with me.

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QUICK! Build a box fort around his desk!:rainbowwild:

There's nothing wrong with taking a total creative break or even doing a bit of something totally new. I know that big changes in the day-to-day can be tiring just from being different.

The bank would probably be very unhappy with you if you set up a VPN server at home, connected to that, and used RDP to do things at home from work. It requires no software that isn't already on the system, but tunneling to an external network is less 'increased attack surface' and more 'literally a security breech', so don't do it on their systems.
Do on your phone, instead.

hay I personally can weight your new job comes first.

ok understood, i know how jobs can be, keep your job, and your fans will stay too as long as we don't have to wait five years for a new chapter actually, your stories are good enough that i don't think you'll lose many even if we do have to wait five years

I'll just leave more suggestions on the newest chapter in progress, then. I hope nobody minds.


The problem is, that still wouldn't do it. :pinkiesad2: They block skype--even the web client version--and they block google docs. Without those, there's no way to chat or write from my work box, never mind the open floorplan that means anyone can see you if you're surfing or chatting.


It is rather draining, to be honest. This one especially because there is a shit-ton of stuff for me to learn, and I've already been warned to expect two unpleasant opening weeks trying to get myself set up and getting to the point I can even begin to do real work. Just have to keep reminding myself of what they're paying me...


A large bank is going by definition be much more anal about things, with much stricter policies and audits. It makes sense--they can't chance anyone trying to embezzle or sell client information out of them. So you're right, pretty much my only option for anything is my phone. That's very clumsy for writing, though, and I don't expect I'll be able to.


Appreciate it, thanks. I want to keep writing, believe me, but this is going to take away some of my ability to do so. When things were slack or taken care of at my previous job, I tended to work on chapters via google docs. Doesn't appear that's an option here.


Believe me, I have no intention of taking five years for new chapters! :pinkiegasp: But if I can only work on them from home in evenings and on weekends--which has the added caveat of me having the energy and desire to do so and not just wanting to kick back and watch TV or something--it's going to be slower.


I don't mind at all. I just responded to most of your newest entries. I need ideas and things to build on, because my well seems to have run dry on that story right at the moment...

i am betting as things settle in at your new job your muse will start bothering you with new ideas.

I understand. Never lose passion for writing friend

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