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    Well, it's been a while...

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    Chapter 43 Published!

    Chapter 43 has been published, sorry for the delay. The story has been tweaked in some places which you can find out in the author's notes.

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    Chapter 43 Delayed!

    Sorry everyone.

    I got piled up with a lot of stuff this month. I just need a little more time working on the 43rd chapter. I was so confident to get it finished today, but it doesn't look complete. Again, sorry everyone.

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    Fear Within - Behind Bars Comic Adaption by EMositeCC

    Once again, the talented EmositeCC has struck with her art. She has adapted a part from the 29th chapter into a comic that I find amazing! I appreciate the effort that's been put into this.

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    Update and Lovely Fan Art

    Simply put, chapter 19 is complete and I'm making immense progress on chapter 20. Thank you all for your patience and expect the chapter 19 to be published on the 1st of June; a whole year of Fear Within! (Woohoo!) Also, check out what the talented Emosite CC did!

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Fear Within Update · 11:00pm Aug 31st, 2016

To those who are waiting for the next chapter of Fear Within I'm afraid I must disappoint. In case some of you didn't get the last message on the story, the next chapters of Fear Within will be delayed for a while (A few months probably). Reason: There are so many roads I can take and I need some time to think and prepare which route is better, and I assure you all I will not give up on this story. I would like to thank all my readers for sticking with me on this awesome journey of creativity and writing, thanks for reading.

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Well, take your time. The best things come to those who do it with patience.

Hey man now worries

take all the time you need dud :pinkiesmile:

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