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Spike the Brave and Glorious, and Las Pegasist · 5:14am Aug 29th, 2016

Greetings, fellow sufferers!

I had watched last weeks episode, The Times They Are A Changeling, and being a fan of a quite a few things, I was watching WWE's NXT Take Over Brooklyn. It was around when Bobby Roode was making his glorious entrance that I realized that hey, his theme song would make a good entrance for Spike, the Brave and Glorious, every single time he plods into the Crystal Empire.

The funny thing about all this is that Roode is suppose to be a heel, a villain wrestler, yet the crowd is totally cheering for him. I think it has a lot to do with his charisma, but a lot more with how epic that entrance is.

A couple of other wrestlers thought it would be fun to photobomb Roode with his music playing and posted the results on their Twitter.

Now imagine instead of Gorgano and Ciampa, it's EqG Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie going around and harassing Spike the dog :rainbowlaugh:


Recently, I was cleaning out my email. It was pretty gross. I hadn't been deleting stuff cuz I had somehow signed up for various spam by buying stuff offa places like Hot Topic, Future Shop, Best Buy, Spreadshirt, eBay... it was so much spam that I kinda gave up on maintaining it daily around early 2015. So yeah, I was deleting crap from Spencer's, The Alberta Wildrose Party, EB Games, Shirt Punch, West Jet, and just FML so much spam, when I came across a peculiar message back from 2013 from a contact known as Ordinary Mare. I had a good chuckle at this. Ordinary Mare was Mare Do Well. A Mare Do Well cosplayer, to be fair.

If you can recall, back in 2013, there was a pony convention called Las Pegasus Unicon. And if y'all remember, that ended badly. The organizers, IMO, put too much on their plates, not realizing how much everything would end up costing, which resulted in people not being paid enough like vendors, celebrity guests, but more prominently the hotel in which the organizers had sold cheap con/hotel packages to several con goers, including several famous Bronies (I think Eurobeat Brony was among them?). Whoever bought those packages ended up paying the hotel full price for their stay, which screwed over everybody immensely. The con organizers by this time had bailed. Someone then set up a donation site where people raised money by donating their talents, ranging from stuff like drawing, music composition, and fanfiction, to help bail out those stranded Bronies. Nick Nack made a blogpost about he was donating a commission slot to the charity. This caught my attention. I smiled mischievously.

I've commissioned quite a few pieces since then, stories and pictures, but this story commission slot from Nick Nack was the first. I haven't been too keen to share on my blog any of them until now. I mean, a fair number of them are smut :P Some of them had a lot of drama. So maybe someday.

Heh... it's funny. I like to think I commission people to do things for the hilarity of it. I mean, I've made people do some silly things, as you'll see in the pictures later. I like fancy myself as a million dollar man, laughing maniacally as I cause people to sell out, but truthfully, that isn't the case. Ok, it's not entirely the case, cuz I do get my jollies off it. I mean, Bidoofershy came from one of these commissions lel. But nawww. Every single time I've commissioned somebody, it was initially for the charity of it. They need money for whatever, I got a fair bit of disposable income (not so much nowadays :P), and I guess I could use a fic or a pic done up on the side. I guess secondary would be the lulz? So yeah, despite how "malicious" I might like to think of my actions, there's a bit of philanthropy involved. Well, just a bit :pinkiehappy: I know Obabscribbler's real name cuz I donated to her once :B

Anyways, back to Nick Nack. I remember being absolutely pissed when I looked at his auction. It originally started around $30, and someone had already made a bid jacking it up to $100. Having experience as an eBay sniper, it left a bad taste in my mouth. Certainly, it would help the charity more, but in sniping, you pass purposely pass up things when they go up too high. What? It's hard to deviate from that mindset. It's all about taking that last minute shot and paying minimally. me and my friends have managed to snipe Magic the Gathering cards off eBay for absolute steals. Like, I remember my friend managed to get a playset of Volcanic Islands for $80 and I managed to snipe a Mana Crypt for $40. Don't you just love it when people don't pay attention? Still, I decided to watch Nicknack's commission auction and snipe it away when the auctions ended in a few days. For charity, of course.

I skimmed through a few other auctions. There was a few involving musicians. Heh... in hindsight, I should have considered them. Of all the genres brony music has covered, I haven't heard a single goth rock brony song. I've heard industrial brony music, death metal brony songs, but never goth rock. I could've remedied that back then, I believe, if I had tried researching any of the artists. What did catch my attention, however, was a Mare Do Well cosplayer, who was offering to post pictures and video of herself doing Mare Do Well things. Honestly, I forget why that caught my interest. It may have been that I wanted her to do one of the wrestler CM Punk's finishers, the Anaconda Vice, but I think it was for another reason that I'm not completely remembering. Maybe it was just the pure silliness I could get her to do. And boy, it was silly.

When the auctions were finally coming down to their last seconds, I sniped away Nicknack's uncontested (again, got to love it when people aren't paying attention). Then I sniped at Mare Do Well's auction and was about to call it a night when someone put a bid in a few seconds after the auction was suppose to end. That raised an eyebrow. I cast another higher bid and asked in the same post why the auction hadn't closed off. Someone then explained that if a bidding war started at the last few seconds, the auction wouldn't be closed off until someone backed off. Something I hadn't bothered looking up in the rules. Ha ha! While I do prefer sniping, I do enjoy throwing my weight around, and I continued the bidding war with the guy for about fifteen minutes after every single auction on the site had ended, inciting a mod to come in and ask us to wrap it up. Eventually, the guy gave up cuz it was getting late, and I had the Mare Do Well auction under my belt. Victory. Cost like $140 or something, but meh. Worth.

Now that I had one the auctions, what in the
hell was I going to do with them? My thoughts soon turned to my brother, Baconoire. I couldn't come up with many ideas, so I turned to him for inspiration. He's always been a fan of Gilda for reasons I don't completely comprehend. At the time, he found this pic amusing as all hell. And as his handle implies, he loves bacon. A lot.

The Mare Do Well pics and video went off without too much of a hitch. Most of them are bacon related. All are silly.

This one I really liked. Because ice cream :B

Horse riding horse :3

It's close enough to and Anaconda Vice lol. I bet if she had actually had locked her hands around his entrapped wrist, it would've caused actual injury.

This was all topped off with a video of her going through a McDonald's drive through to procure the food and ALL TEH BACON. Originally, she was to go into the McDonald's but they threw her out. Hmph. Guess they don't distinguish between masked villains and masked heroes, eh?

After this, the Mysterious Mare Do Well disappeared from the fandom. Who knows where she went? Maybe she went back to living as an Ordinary Mare? Either way, I think this is a mystery for sleuths greater than I to solve, if they so choose.

Then there was the Nicknack fic. Hoo boy... I feel I made a mess out of it. Basically, I presented Nicknack with the pic of Gilda and Sombra waltzing, and said I would come up with an outline for him to work with. I ended up lying. I couldn't come up with anything for him to base his fic on. I felt really bad about it. Honestly, out of all the petty mischief I had orchestrated, this was something I hadn't intended. Though, after a month, Nicknack contacted me and said he had written a fic anyways, to my relief. He put up a blog on his thoughts on writing the fic. It was a bit of a doozy. I still feel a bit responsible for his conclusion to his Farringtonverse series, Evening Flames, being delayed, due to Dusk-Lit Waltz's new characterization of Gilda interfering with the character voice for the Gilda in his series. I mean, my bro was enjoying the Farringtonverse, as was I. I guess as guilty as I may feel, things turned out well in the end? Dusk-Lit Waltz was released to a fair bit of interest. Apparently, people had been waiting to see that pic used as a cover pic for something. And despite the hilarity of the premise, Nicknack was able to write something with a rather serious tone, considering the subject matter it covered.

I guess I pushed someone's limits, and they came out stronger because of it? Hmm... sure. Let's go with that. I did learn from that experience a fair bit. I was a bit more involved in future commissions, although there were still some things even now I have yet to learn. Except for the mischievous part. I got that down pretty good :duck: And I guess the whole thing is a fine way to get out and meet new people.

As for those trapped in Las Pegasus Unicon, there was so much money donated that excess money ended up being donated to other charities. Well done, everypony! Although, I don't think anybody ever found out what happened to those con organizers. It's still a mystery, I believe.


Comments ( 3 )

Given all of that bacon, I can only conclude that this instance of Mare-Do-Well is actually Sunset Shimmer.

Or Ordinary Mare, but what fun are facts when you can be utterly ridiculous?

Maybe she was inspired and made a new career cosplaying as Bacon Mang– I mean, Sunset Shimmy?

Here's hoping she did not share the same fate as Clayton Carmine, which was very much bacon related.

Originally, she was to go into the McDonald's but they threw her out.

Clearly the manager there was a Dash fan who hated the Mare Do Well episode.

I still feel a bit responsible for his conclusion to his Farringtonverse series

Nah, don't. As NickNack said in the blog:

Now, I'll come right out and say that any and all difficulties I faced during this commission process were brought upon myself. I posted the ad, and I created the terms for my own commission. It's hardly fair for me to offer conditions for selling my time, then blame someone for operating within those very conditions I offered.

Sometimes things happen as they happen. Had you known, you would have done differently, but you didn't so it's not your fault. :derpytongue2:

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