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Dammit All! · 2:51am Aug 28th, 2016

Dammit! My editor went and got himself banned! My editor, Bry7x7x7, became my editor after he read Are You Afraid of The Dark? and asked me to create a prequel and gave me his ideas to put into writing. I agreed to do it for him only if he helped me edit and he said yes. I have been holding the story back since, what? June?? I had put off the prequel for a while waiting for answer to one message only to find out he had been banned. Dammit. Just my luck.

Well, this is just fucking great. Don't know what he did, but I guess it doesn't matter.

R.I.P. Bry7x7x7. Looks like i'm alone in this now. If you do read this, guy. Know that I will still credit the creation and much of the editing to you. Its the least I could do after all.

Report Coconut of Doom · 172 views · #Bad News
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Comments ( 2 )

Well shit, that sucks. I enjoyed what he contributed to debates in "American Bronies" too.

4176548 Yeah, he was a pretty decent guy.

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