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Jake Witt

I'm not just reading. My stories have "idea" but no "form" or "function". I'm just an armored guy riding a Robot Dino-Dragon; fighting a dark paradox man thing. I don't remember if I'm a robot.

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  • 199 weeks
    I got Fire Team Harmony to watch a video I made some time ago.

    To put it simply: before I destroyed my laptop I made a Fire Team Harmony theme based off their first appearance on Bronies React.

    Now I'm a person that you can ignore and I can silently stew. That's how it works, I suppose.

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  • 218 weeks
    Samurai Jack has ended...

    And there's an Extra Thicc hole where it used to be. Great send off...

    When it comes time... will MLP:FiM get a send off or a cliffhanger? Time will tell.

    Speaking of time: Did anybody see the Season 7 episode that had Celestia and Luna switch places? I swear the snuck in some sweet things during the dream scene.

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  • 223 weeks
    MLP S7 E2

    Glad to know there was no two-parter this go around.

    I found out why I'm always angry at dumb crap. It's not because I'm ginger or I have Irish blood or that I'm borderline autistic or my past... maybe a combination of the four? Anyway, I'm angry about a lot and it's genetic. My dad had ways to reign it in while I never had a true outlet.

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  • 227 weeks
    Season 5 Finale Revisit

    Season 6 ended some months ago... so why am I thinking about the Season 5 finale to "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" instead of waiting for Season 5 Episode 3 of "Samurai Jack"?

    Time Travel.

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  • 232 weeks
    Changelings 2016

    Funny enough, I was wondering what a reformed changeling would look like. I imagined dark color tones with matching, bright colored eyes, no holes, and either butterfly (like the alternate world's Chrysalis from the comics... which I want to read.) or dragonfly wings, and their finn-manes having an offset color.

    Instead, we have Scout Master Lumpus and his Fabulous Changelings.

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Fallout & Friendship · 1:21am Aug 28th, 2016

I can't believe I didn't blog the idea. I can not comb through thousands of comments for proof nor do I know if the story still exists. (A lot of stories I waited for are gone. Major cliffhanger. Then again I'm not one to talk... but who cares?)

Season 6 Episode 17 "Dungeons & Discords"

This episode reminded me of Spring Break 2016 where my mom's side of the family went on a road trip to Arkansas. Word of advice: Get comfy on the Texarkana highway. I've been on it twice and (despite my second time being faster...) it still sucked!

Anyway, we went on a hike... but lost our car. We realized that it was on the other side of a canyon we walked around. Some Tarzan calls from both sides and walking to a bridge later... I became a drill sergeant and thought of a different kind of "DnD". It wasn't an original idea.

I had a Dungeons & Dragons instruction book as reading material.

While my step-dad and his son talked about a Star Wars or Star Trek (I don't remember) version of the game I was thinking of FallOut: Equestria. Think about it: Pony races, their ministries, their princess/lack of princess, and ghouls can be the enemies!

EDIT: I just realized that I predicted this episode!If you read my "Adventure Muffin" story one of the "V - arc" endings involved Spike being the DM for an unnamed but obviously based on the DnD game. I think Big Mac was there? No clue. I know Derpy, The Doctor, Bulk Biceps, Trixie, and Princess Luna with a slurpy was there. Luna was referenced in the episode.

EDIT X2: "Adventure Muffin" was inspired by that Spring Break. While "Fallout & Friendship" was an idea with ponies and DnD... it wasn't a valid prediction like in "Adventure Muffin". I mean, who thought Spike was going to be the DM? When it is usually brought up; Twilight Sparkle/Dusk Shine is the DM... or Twist. Never Spike.

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