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In The Case Of Starlight Glimmer... · 8:26pm Aug 27th, 2016

She's been absent for a lot of events this season, and almost every episode has people asking "Where the heck is Starlight?"

Especially today's episode, which involves Twilight's castle, yet the unicorn is nowhere to be seen. Most answers, however, include Starlight hanging out with Trixie...or Starlight frequently visiting Sunburst.

I'm okay with this. :moustache:

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Comments ( 36 )

Yep, same here.:twilightsmile: Also, love your new avatar picture!

4175583 Thank you! Cookie Crumbles commissioned it for me :twilightsmile:

I may get some, or a lot, of hatred when I say this but I don't care about Starlight Glimmer...

I don't hate Starlight Glimmer, but I also don't like her completely. I'm still on the fence.

I feel like Starlight genuinely does want to change her ways. She showed regret for her actions as far as altering the timeline and reducing equestria to a barren wasteland. I believe there is good in her, and her mended relationship with Sunburst was very good and shows that she is trying.

At the same time, I can't say that I completely like her, because Hasbro has not given us a single reason to like her, much less "love" her. Her acceptance by everypony at the end of season 5 was so sudden, and didn't give us as an audience any time to really totally buy the fact that she's a different pony. Season 6 hasn't done anything to warrant us liking Starlight any more than we do or don't. She is trying, as we saw with Trixie (which I actually really liked), but Hasbro really hasn't given us a genuine reason to like her other than blatantly saying "You should like this character." That's kind of annoying to me.

I actually loved Trixie and Starlight together. They have common ground between them as being outcasts. Different ways, but they have a bonding point. And when Trixie saw the error of her ways, I could sense real regret within her after betraying a friend. I don't know why some people were so angry at this episode and how Trixie and Starlight are talking. They have a really genuine relationship, building off of mutual exile, and I hope to see them bond more.

But I've heard rumors about this "seventh element bearer" theory and the fact that Starlight is the seventh element. Um... no. Absolutely not. Sunset Shimmer is the seventh element. Period. Done. Starlight should not be an element. She has not earned her wings. Sunset Shimmer has more than earned her wings. She is the seventh element.

That's where I stand with the Starlight Glimmer controversy. I don't hate her, but I don't love her. I need a reason to go one way or the other. Until then, I'm neutral.

4175595 No hate here!
4175607 I'm conflicted, since I like them both :derpyderp2: We'll just see what happens. Starlight's not really alicorn material though.

4175612 I so ship Starlight and Sunburst though.

Maybe most of the reason is because their ship name would be StarBurst.


Shipping! I'm so on board there!
But, yeah, the fact that one of my Faves is absent lately is irking me.

If we don't get a Starburst episode soon, I'm going to try and write one Canon-Style myself... someday... maybe,,,

Eh, your opinions are yours. She may be one of my favourites, but if it's any consolation for any hatred you might receive: I never minded when someone says they don't care for a character I like.
In fact, I applaud you for speaking out, while acknowledging that you might get bashed for such a thing. :pinkiehappy:

4175627 She haven't got alot of time to make me like her a lot... save for the Trixie episode.

4175640 Haha! So I will. Funny how FiMFic is the only place where I actually like a character. But, yes, I will always respect others' opinions. Don't worry. :twilightsmile:

True enough, I can see that. :twilightsmile:

:trollestia: Let's hope that the Chrystal Castle's bedrooms are soundproof.

Eesh, you had to go there... :facehoof:

4175976 The temptation was too great! I'm sorry if you think less of me. But I have only one thing to say...

WORTH IT!!!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Eh, I'm laughing.
And that takes great timing to make me laugh at that kind of joke, so I don't think any less of you. :twilightsmile:

4176117 Locks, has anyone heard about locks?

Bottom Line: Starlight's either hanging out with Trixie or having daily you-know-what with Sunburst.

4175595 You won't from me.

Mainly because if she totally disappears from the show permanently, it won't bother ME one little bit.

Won't shed any tears about it, either.

Mainly because SHE was THE biggest mistake that the DHX crew and Hasbro has EVER made with the show.

Ahh, delicious StarBurst...

I regret nothing. :trollestia:


wouldve been funny if spike and big mac invited flash shining or sunburst to guy's night! Though wouldnt it be Stallion's night?

My headcannon would be shes doing not so rated Y things with sunburst

I said nothing

Would make sense that she would spend time with Sunburst, rekindle that old flame of friendship while helping it become a roaring bond fire of love.
... Don't you look at me like that.


Don't you look at me like that.

You mean like this: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

4177294 Yes, exactly like that.

I really really REALLY hope the show will mention Sunburst and Starlight's relationship. I know it's a little unlikely, but please, Hasbro! :fluttershysad:

Eeyup, they're cute together.

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