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Ashes of Ariandel · 5:14pm Aug 27th, 2016

So we got the trailer for the first bit of Dark Souls III DLC and in true fashion of fate it's centered on the same subject matter that the latest chapter of 'Friendship is Scaleless' is skirting towards :

As hype as I am to see what will be unveiled in this new addition to the game, it's again left me in a bit of a pickle as to the lore of my own series. Since the battle with Gwyndolin will also reveal some rather intrinsic twists about the fate of Gwynevere and Priscilla, which the DLC apparently will also focus on, I'm pondering if I should put another hiatus on 'Scaleless' until I've had time to play through the DLC. Of course this presents the problem that 'Ashes' isn't due to come out until October, meaning that'd be well over a month with no updates.

I don't want to make folk wait that long just so I can try and keep true to the canon of the games (as much as I can with my own take on things not going according to script) however since I've already modified my plans for the upcoming installments to give Gwyndolin a larger role than was originally anticipated (thank you Aldrich) it seems like I'd be doing a disservice to that which has made this series possible if I don't try to accommodate as much of the respective content as possible.

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Comments ( 2 )

Ah, that conundrum eh? Hey, if you allready have your story set, why not follow through? If push come to shove, why not listen to your gut? Works for Horatio every time.^^

On a side note, I am hyped as fuck too! Can´t wait to find out who that self flaggelating being is that attacks you with a big pot of estus soup. A near hollow Gwynevere? Velka, driven mad by some unknown machinations? Or just some bigass Corvian, convientently missleading us? Is that huge wolf related to Sif? What´s up with those monster fireflies and these spooky tree-ladies? And most importantly, is that creepy old man the puppeteer behind all this shit and will most likely be the final boss? Argh, some many questions, I could go hollow!

I'm so excited for the DLC. I need to get my computer fixed though, something is wrong with one of the fans, so when I play something that's CPU intensive the CPU overheats and forces my computer to restart. :fluttershysad:

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